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We rode into town like a couple of hombres, the sun warming the steel upon our backs. The townspeople stared at us wide-eyed, as we sauntered past, whispering to their friends. There was a certain smell in the air, but I couldn’t tell if it was the smell of fear, or just the pigs in their pen, wallowing in their own filth. We hopped off our steeds and wandered up to the local establishment. Tavern patrons were likely to be the best avenue for information and the wench serving the drinks was not hard to look upon either. We walked in but found our path blocked by a couple of muscular types. We were not wanted here, it seemed. That happens quite often. We’re Witchers, and people often dislike things that are different. But our quest will continue regardless.

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Live_Larry1238d ago

Terrible timing on posting this article...

You're competing with 2x "fanboy wars" opinion pieces, and a sales report! Everything else on N4G is in deep freeze until those other "articles" blow over.

Nice review though, totally agree!

kraenk121238d ago

To me it's the only game competing with TLOU and RDR for the crown of best game I ever played.

susanto12281238d ago


So your telling me that this game IS PERFECT I guess that's why
they are releasing patches every week huh?

A 10/10 game is flawless with zero problems

I seem to remember Xbox one players complaining about save games and PS4 players complaining about quests breaking and such 10/10 huh....Nah I don't think so

Dfooster1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

What if after everything being considered that the slight issues knock a quarter point off so it's a 9.75/10 rounded up its still a 10

Sketchy_Galore1238d ago

You think their scoring system goes up to a point it's literally impossible for anything to achieve ever? Why would they do that?

Dfooster1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

10/10 doesn't mean a game is perfect this is what you need to realise because that would imply that the 10 score is only reserved for that last 1% and anything 99% or lower is the equivalent to a 9/10.

In fact the best way of converting a 10/10 into a percentage score is anything 95% or above. That means that it could lose 5% on technical issues and still score a 10

Perjoss1238d ago

No such thing as a perfect game just because an opinion, review or score for a game is subjective. I might think Uncharted 2 or Read Dead Redemption are perfect 10's but to someone else who is only into strategy games or simulators for example they might be total garbage.

Its impossible to be wrong about your own opinion.

Scatpants1238d ago

So when a movie gets 5 stars is that a perfect movie? That's not how reviewing works. I would give Witcher 3 a 10 as well it is easily the best RPG I've ever played.

starchild1238d ago

No game is perfect. EVERY game has negative aspects. EVERY game has bugs. Even the most linear games have bugs. Massive open world games logically tend to have more bugs.

The Witcher 3 has overall been a pretty solid launch for me. I haven't had any crashes or game-breaking bugs, only a handful of minor bugs.

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WizzroSupreme1238d ago

The Witcher 3 looks like such an epic time. CD Projekt Red's outdone themselves this time...when the darn game works.