Madden 09 Demo Coming August 1st

XBL and PSN will be seeing the demo for Madden 09 arrive on Friday August 1st.

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AlterEgo3793d ago

A PSN Demo on a Friday?


Playstation Man3793d ago

Can't wait to see how EA Sports screwed up YET ANOTHER PS3 development. Seriously, EA can't develop worth a squat for PS3. I'm guessing it will take no longer than 2 seconds for X-Trailers to do a video-comparison of the two demos. AND I GUARANTEE YOU 360 version owns.

This all said, I am not looking forward to just another demo for another roster update. Oh, and go BEARS!!! EXTENDED URLACHER!!! WOOOT!

avacadosnorkel3793d ago

Madden, NHL, and LIVE all run 60fps

spacetoilet3793d ago

I wonder if its smoother than the NCAA demo, because that was a pile of sh1t.

DraconWolfX3792d ago

I already have the demo for Madden's called Madden 08.

kr90913792d ago

lol so true! Bubbles for you

Shortstop3792d ago

Interested in seeing how this game is after the poor showing last year. 60fps is a major reason I'll consider getting back into Madden. I can't believe I actually made it the whole year without 08 lol.

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