Unreal Engine 4 - Nvidia HairWorks Techdemo

YouTube’s member ‘CryZENx’ has released a video showing a tech demo for NVIDIA’s Hairworks tech in Unreal Engine 4

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Deividas1264d ago

Great. Now lets work on it not sucking up 20+ frames when its on. Thanks.

iamtehpwn1264d ago

Indeed, from a developer's perspective I thought "wow this is great tech that probably will not be able to run on Consoles and Most PC's for next few years." In fact, just rendering this hair, the guy in the video's FPS counter is like 37-ish. It's not realistic to use yet in gameplay.

xTheMercenary_1264d ago

This is already used in pc. The witcher 3 has this, the video just shows it being used in Unreal Engine 4. It does require optimisations though.

Pixelart1264d ago

Hmm you must only be playing games on consoles.

SuperbVillain1264d ago

bored? smoke some trees and watch this video

ginsunuva1264d ago

By trying to make each strand move individually, it actually makes it look more like jiggly spaghetti and less like hair.

Lamboomington1264d ago

yeah, it doesn't clump up like it does in real life, limiting the movement of large sections of hair, depending on the hairstyle.

Bengaroo1264d ago

40fps in a demo with just a head, no texture, no world, no AI, no input.

Grap1264d ago

it's on keplar gpu(not the fastest on either) that sum it up i guess if it were on maxwell it will be 60+fps no doubt.

xTheMercenary_1264d ago

You're wrong you'll need a titan x to get 60 average a 970 wouldnt get 60 average but the 980 might, the reason it runs low on kepler is because hairworks hasnt been optimised for kepler but NVIDIA have a driver update coming soon specifically for kepler based gpu's.

Grap1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

That what i said so what am i wrong about? 970 is way better than 780 That creator is using. Hell i didn't even say 970 will get 60fps ,can't you read?? Titan x use maxwell so it will be more than enough to run this test in 60fps.

BongSmack1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Keep in mind it's like half a dozen heads among a few other "things". Either way you have a good point.

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