Xbox: End Of An Era

Microsoft knows there’s been significant damage to their brand. So much so that Phil Spencer himself has gotten ahead of it and publicly gone on to say that they are focusing on 1st party this year. It's likely that this is not a conscious choice but one of necessity. With so many 3rd party partnerships lost Microsoft has no choice but to double down on their 1st party offerings, particularly Halo 5.

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SpaceRanger1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

The brand Xbox as a whole is nowhere near gone, the era on the other hand has been a different story since 2013.
What has happened is that what Sony did for his year was two steps ahead of MS. MS realized that they needed to focus on 1st party (and they really are this year with Halo 5 and Forza as their signature year titles!) so they left a lot of their normal and typical third party marketing.

Sony caught that and picked them right up, sealed marketing deals for the year and potentially future, and now are in the right area to release great 1st party ALL YEAR and have the majority of third party marketing. From a business perspective it's really smart!

MS did this for the majority of last gen and Sony have definitely learned from it! Sales drive console popularity, console popularity drives software sales, high software sales from a particular console = more support. Playing catch up has never been historically easy. The Wii U is a good example of what it could potentially look like.

If you don't agree with all this. Look back at early last gen with the 360. The PS3 played catch up till the very end.

The only difference...

The PS3 actually had the hardware potential to make amazing games the 360 could never achieve at the same level (The Last of Us is the absolute best example). The easy development for 360 is what really had the pace throughout last gen.

dark-kyon1239d ago

This count in NA and uk,the problem is what worldwide the damage is done.

SpaceRanger1239d ago

Like I said, in terms of brand. It's not bad. Xbox is still alive and well in most countries.

The era though is not the same. The landscape of gaming has definitely changed and people have yet to accept that. I really do hope that neither lose the ability to have such an era like this. A world with only mobile gaming would not be a good one for gamers.

Griever1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Microsoft did too much damage to the Xbox brand with its initial vision for it. It was only after the public outrage, Don Mattrick's departure, losing in sales and Phil Spencer's appointment that Xbox regained consumer confidence. However, by that time PS4 had gained considerable advantage which it continues to maintain.

Fortunately, under Phil Spencer's leadership Xbox has regained significant momentum. He is a great person who is honest and sincere and understands the needs of gamers. In the US Xbox One is neck to neck with PS4. The rest of the world maybe another story especially in Japan BUT Xbox does not needs to be No. 1 in sales to be a good gaming console. It is still selling better than the Xbox 360. In fact, the thrashing it has received from the PS4 in terms of sales has brought out the best qualities in the Xbox brand with a heavy focus on exclusive games and great software updates instead of cable TV, DRM, networking and media. It can be said that the PS4 has done more good for Xbox brand than harm.

ShinMaster1239d ago

"Era"? It peaked for 1 generation.

Septic1239d ago

If its an end of an era where MS focused more on their marketing and 3rd party deals over delivering great exclusive titles then I'm more than happy that that era has ended.

Now is the time to focus on delivering proper first party content and MS is set to deliver massively this year.

NatureOfLogic_1239d ago

The Xbox division has fallen back to mediocre status after MS showed their true intentions while at the same time misreading the market at Xbone reveal. MS is now trying to stay relevant in a market that they've slowly been disappearing from since 2013.

NatureOfLogic_1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

@Septic, It's not like MS wanted to change their third party marketing strategy, It's more like they were forced to adjust after mediocre console sales rather than deal with third party marketing deals that would become too expensive.

MS is no longer in a position like they were with the 360 to negotiate sweet deals left and right. Believe me, MS want those third party marketing deals but they have to explain to the suit just why they should spend a lot of money on a division that is failing to profit.

LexHazard791239d ago

Well I live in US and Xbox is not dead here. I understand that in grand scheme of things Worldwide its not doing so well. But in my part of the world it is.

pixelsword1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I really think when people were hearing about the xbox being discontinued early this gen, that might have killed a lot of their potential sales; that was a deal-killer for me because I didn't want to potentially have an Atari Jaguar incident, if you follow me.

For those who don't remember:

That, and that whole Orwellian, 1984 styled console they originally wanted to put out.

_-EDMIX-_1239d ago

Got to agree with Griever on this one. XONE is selling better then 360 during the same time. I don't think the brand is broken or done, merely that it has a few step backs and they need to really focus on rebranding themselves in a good way.

It doesn't help that 360 was their actually rebranding ie the whole "360 turn around" soooo is every gen now a "re-branding" and a "new XB"? I mean..they need to stay consistent.

First XB. They focused on western action games, neglected many genres and payed for it dearly.

360..rebranded, focused on ALL genres, spent money to get many JRPGs, got GTA day 1, FF day 1 etc. This is easily the BEST they've done by far.

XONE....Online only, drm machine...easily a bad, bad choice and all it did was make MS seem as if they always have something to hide, strings attached, only care about money not fans etc.

They must now do damage control and show they are for fans, gamers and don't have tricks up their sleeves lol.

It seems crazy, but the start of this gen was WILD! I think many can agree that they lost many, many fans with what they did at the start of the gen. Any company would really. In order for MS to gain more fans, they simply need to keep seeking multiple options for distribution as suppose to trying to seek ONLY 1 method that seems to strangely biasly support their own personal market agendas.

Next XB needs to be really no different in terms of distribution then this one, disk, download, stream etc. I don't care what new MS tech they've come up with for download, don't care what new streaming tech they've made REASON for them to ONLY HAVE 1 method as a result. ...we can have both.

They also need to focus on making MORE new ips, I don't really like that they are only seemly talking about Gears yet Black Tusks new AAA FPS IP is left in the dark, missed last E3 and I fear its been canned in favor of same ol'e same ol'e iPs.

Yes...established does better then new IP's statistically, but that doesn't mean NEVER make LONG TERM new IPs. WE got 4 Halos, 4 Forzas etc last gen...we don't need THAT much AGAIN this gen, its just way, way too much. They need to focus on building new concepts, new ips to bring in NEW gamers.

The more they do this, they more gamers will see both Sony and MS on even playing fields. Only Sony can say they've made new IPs as series gen over gen over gen.

ie Crash, Spyro, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet Clank, Sly, Uncharted, Resistance, InFamous etc. By making new series EVERY GEN, they bring in new gamers. You may have not liked some of those IPs the gen prior, but you get a chance to play a new series the next gen.

Can we really say the same for MS besides Gears? An IP they didn't create nor own until the 4th title?

MS needs to have confidence in their teams to create new ips and needs to know that yes...some will fail. Lair happened, Heavenly Sword happened....but so did God Of War, so did Little Big Planet. Its costly, but a worthy risk and likely why Sony does as well as they do each gen. They make that a staple in MS, they can have me as a part of the team ANY GEN! New IP is always new to ALL gamers, not just Sony or MS gamers etc. They must seek to support them as much as they supported Halo, Forza etc. I fear we will just get 1 or 2 games from the new IPs they started yet get 4 Halos, 4 Gears, 4 Forzas etc. (hell...we already have 2 Forzas and its not even 2 years yet)

nix1238d ago

Someone had said this before in another thread few weeks back.. I'm just going to put it across here again..

Xbox1 is selling at pretty much at same speed as PS3 was selling. Now the trivia is that Xbox1 is selling better than 360 and PS3 was the worst selling console in PS history.

Perspective time: Xbox's best selling console is selling at the speed of Sony's worst selling console.

That's the difference between MS and SONY.

helterskelter1238d ago

Time to move on for Microsoft and sell off the xbox brand!

breakpad1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

for me Xbox brand promoted (and partially installed) all the bad things we know in gaming (DLC, subscriptions ,poor western FPSs, westernization of Japanese games ) and all these reached their peak with Xone policies (24/7 internet access , DRM , etcetc) people are not blind... i admit the made one exceptional gem with the first Halo CE which had so much potential that drove one Xbox generation(X360) to 1st place (after a few mistake from Sony and ninty)but after that game (even all its sequels )all the western games that followed were mediocre ..people got bored and stuffed from Halo , COD , and gears Xbox is mowing what sowed contrast Sony had always innovative gaming division wich targeted in new things focused in quality no matter the success or fail

XBLSkull1238d ago

I'll agree it wasn't an era, it was a single generation. But that being said, tripled sales of the brand while Sony got cut in half... well done Microsoft. Huge gain right there.

Khajiit861238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )


A Huge gain is what the PS4 has over the X1.... Sales. Well done Sony.

PistolsAtDawn1238d ago

US and UK alone can support X1, so nothing to fear. As you can see, those countries ar helping PS in console sales, but not in game sales. Where the real money is made. Games attach ratios and hours played favor X1. Meaning on average peopl that own both prefer x1 and most ps4-only owners are casuals. This is why x1 is more profitable. Not to mention more people do their online gaming on xbl.

Stoppokingme1238d ago

If sales were everything then we'd all be listening to Elvis.

Septic1238d ago

Lol @ helterskelter's agrees. How many duplicate accounts have you guys made?


So what? Doesn't change the fact that MS have changed their ethos and Sony have now adopted it. Expect Sony's domination to show their reliance on third party stuff like with the 360.

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BitbyDeath1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

"MS realized that they needed to focus on 1st party (and they really are this year with Halo 5 and Forza as their signature year titles!)"

They had those exact same franchises last year as well and likely will again next year too.

JoeReno1239d ago

MS wouldn't be in this boat if they would have listened to gamers the last 3 years of the 360 before the Xbox1 reveal. With so much focus on 3rd party partnerships and Kinect they missed the boat on 1st party development on new IPs and exclusives that would be ready to hit the market about now. So as good as Micros holiday line up is for Xbox fans it could have been a great year or even stretched out over a couple years. They dropped the ball big time in my opinion

majedx91238d ago

Halo 5 and Forza -_- nothing is new.

kenshiro1001238d ago

They need to give Halo and Forza a rest.

1238d ago
AceBlazer131238d ago

This is like the 3rd forza in a year.

BitbyDeath1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )


I know it is hard for you but these are the facts-

Retail (Current) ----- PS4: 34 vs XB1: 17 -- Diff = 17
Digital (Current) ---- PS4: 115 vs XB1: 33 - Diff = 82
Retail (Upcoming) - PS4: 23 vs XB1: 7 ---- Diff = 16

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iSuperSaiyanGod1239d ago

Sony has won the ps4 / xb1 contest , like 360 won against the PS3 . There's always next gen . Neither are going anywhere anytime soon & if you were smart you wouldn't want either company to close its doors . The Xbox 1 is a good system next to sonys great . Total flip flop from last gen . & who knows what it'll be like in 7 years . All I care about is great games & great features both are good consoles

NatureOfLogic_1239d ago

PS4 domination over Xbone is nothing like PS3 v 360. PS4 currently has 50% market share out of all next gen consoles. Think about that for a moment.

iSuperSaiyanGod1239d ago

Exactly what I said basically lmao . Ps4 has won .

Pogmathoin1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Nature, that kind of thinking is master race thinking, and we know how that usually ends..... Sony erred significantly with PS3, and coupled with everything else Sony does completely collapsing, all they could do was use great games to get back in the door. X1 launch was a disaster, and since then, they have been using great games to get back.... Now, I think that is a serious win for gamers. I'll take this scenario everytime. If you enjoy sales numbers, I am speechless.... And yes, last time it was 369 this, 360 that..... So does two wrongs make a right?

@antifan, attachment ratio is very important to publishers...

hemmo19861239d ago

Actually Wii was first last gen, than ps3 buddy. While xbox 360 was right behind by a slim margin.

If ya wanna get technical and all.

gfk3421238d ago

Sorry but x360 didn't win over PS3. The PS3 overtook X360 in December 2012 and sold through many more consoles than X360.

kraenk121238d ago

Like 360 against PS3?! Last time I checked the PS3 sold more even with one year less and no RROD!

Aither1238d ago

PS3 actually won the last console war as well which people who aren't up to date such as yourself just didn't research the current numbers. It's true that PS3 lagged behind throughout the last gen but in the very end at the finish line came out victorious.

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Godmars2901239d ago

MS shot themselves in the foot, let the wound become infected, over the DRM issue. They had the US market because of the 360 and Sony's screw up with the PS3, somehow thought that such was all they needed and that such gave them the ability if not right to dictate to publishers and consumers alike.

madpuppy1238d ago

Agreed, If you look past all the cruft and really get down to the nature of Microsoft, total control and dominance is their end game. They enter a market, buy, marginalize or outright kill the incumbent players. after they get a certain level control of the market they start to dictate unreasonable changes to the way things have always been done and call it "innovation" or "bringing the market into the future, for it's own good" Translation: maximizing profits without really giving anything more to the customer in return, in some cases much less. Being treated like a criminal rather than a customer with always on line DRM checks, physical copies have no true value after installation (and don't even get me started about that even worse rigged game of trading your "licence" in at an authorized MS retailer!

Shot themselves in the foot indeed, more like they put a revolver up against the roof of their mouth and fired.

WickedLester1239d ago


Last holiday season MS' big two first party games were Halo an Forza. This holiday MS' big two first party games are......Halo and Forza. I'm sorry but they're going to have to show me a much bigger commitment to 1st party software than that!

Kingscorpion711239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Playstation was always the favorite console brand especially in Europe and Asia, Xbox can't lose something they never had, People seem to forget about how popular PS1 and PS2 were back in the days, Microsoft got lucky with xbox 360 because they relased a year before PS3 so they had a whole year advantage plus it was easier to code for while PS3 relased a year later with a high price point and was difficult to code for but despite that, despite everything PS3 still managed to outsell xbox in the end and even retain leadership in some countries

Ericf5551238d ago

On top of that, most people who bought a xbox 360 the first couple of years had to replace it once or twice. The ps3 wasnt perfect but didnt break as much. Also many people that i know. Who had a xbox 360 sold it and bought a ps3 after seeing its exclusives. Not only did it sell more in the end, it also had a more loyal and mature fanbase.

AndrewLB1238d ago

So where are all the 3rd party developers going? Because they're certainly not making exclusives for PS4. Both systems are severely lacking in quality games this generation. It reminds me of the movie industry these past few years. It's all lackluster crap with little imagination along with tons of remakes of old movies. Mad Max? Really? WTF?

kenshiro1001238d ago

Um...? Then what about Street Fighter V? It's exclusive to PS4 and Capcom is considered to be a huge company.

DigitalRaptor1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )


Sega? Sony exclusive.

Square Enix? Sony exclusive.

Capcom? Sony exclusive.

Atlus? Sony exclusive.

From Software? Sony exclusive.

Michel Ancel of Ubisoft? Sony exclusive.

Insomniac? Sony exclusive.

Ark System Works? Sony exclusive.

Harmonix? Sony exclusive.

Ninja Theory? Sony exclusive.

Supermassive Games? Sony exclusive.

Quantic Dream? Sony exclusive.

Catalog of indies (3rd party)? Sony exclusive.

Sony has the most games currently due to 3rd party relations, and the list is growing exponentially. Their first party has actually released more games, and this year we will see what their devs have been working on for the past 3-4 years, ready to be released this year, next year and onwards.

windblowsagain1238d ago

Put down the crack pipe.

First party for Ms has always been the same. Halo, Forza.

Nothing new.

Alan wake was a PC title, turned into a timed xbox Exclusive. Most likely the same as the new game.

Yes they are all decent games. But they need more.

As for hardware, they should have go rid of Kinect. It is pointless. should have spent the extra $100 on a good Gpu and they would have had a chance, instead of TV TV TV.

Jaqen_Hghar1238d ago

A man doesn't get how people count Forza or MLB anymore. They both come out every year so they pretty much cancel out at this point. If you like Forza you already have 2 games on your X1 to play for it and the next will be basically the same as 5 with a few added courses and cars. Just like MLB will just be updated rosters. They're annual franchises just like COD and AC

SonyMontana1238d ago ShowReplies(1)
pcz1238d ago

X1 disgusts me as a gamer and as a consumer.

microsofts original intention for the X1 says it all and i dont know how ANYONE, even xbox fans could then go on to purchase an X1, even after microsofts u-turn when the public rejected the idea.

do X1 users have no principles? buying into a console after knowing what microsoft had planned is mindless consumerism.

3-4-51238d ago

* End of an era ?

What is this BS made up article ?

Over exaggerate much ?

* 3rd Party Support has gone down for all systems because the people who run a lot of those Dev's are greedy money hungry cowards who run at the first site of adversity.

* They abandoned Nintendo and blamed it on them.

* They abandoned Consoles like PS4 & XB1, to make a quick buck making Glorified Distraction Apps.

THAT is the issue.

The Same people behind that push, also have media influence.

Why do you think we get so many articles pushing for mobile gaming when nobody really wants it.

Your being manipulated into accepting poop, when you used to get gold.

Fight back.

It's not Nintendo's fault Wii U doesn't have a lot of 3rd party.

You can make great games for it, you just have to ACTUALLY TRY HARD THOUGH.

The heads in charge of a lot of these studios are greesy business types who always take the easy way out.

They don't want to put effort into games, but they want us to put the same money into their no-effort BS "game".


Microsoft,Sony&Nintendo are fine, it's the 3rd party developers who have lost their nuggets, and are a bunch of cowards.

Those 3rd party dev's that still support consoles,PC&dedicated handhelds, I have more respect for them.

* Look at what Falcom is doing with Trails in the Sky SC....a PSP game!....for Vita!

They Can't be fact it's very difficult and time consuming what they are doing, but it shows they are trying and that they care.

They are sacrificing their own profits to bring us something we would enjoy.

Taking time out of their lives, to do something nice for us the gamers.

Yea they are getting paid and it's their job, but they have the talent to just easily go make a ton of cash grab money on iphones.

They don't because they have integrity.

3rd Party dev's sold out....not Sony..not Microsoft...not Nintendo.

Those 3 are supporting their own consoles.

They all believe in their product.

Can't say the same for the cowards who left for mobile.

Good buy and good riddance.

DevilOgreFish1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

End of an era? They're bringing in games, that's all that should matter for them in their case. The XB1 had more titles in it's time than with the Xbox 360 in equal time.

Eddie201011238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )


The Xbox Brand and Microsoft are nowhere near gone, but their reputation...the way most of the world view them isn't the greatest, before or after the introduction of the Xbox. A lot of it is for a good reason. It would be interesting to really find out what developers and companies that were partnered or owned by Microsoft but aren't any more really had to say about being involved with them.

Playstation played catch up because the Xbox 360 was released a year earlier in the states and a year and a half earlier in rest of the world and without any competition. When Playstation 3 was released it out sold the Xbox 360 world wide nearly every month and the only countries Xbox 360 was able to maintain it's lead was the US( considerable lead in the US) and the UK. Playstation ended up with a considerable lead over Xbox 360 in nearly the rest of the world and eventually beat Xbox 360 in world wide sales of the console and in software. After having a considerably late start.

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TheGreatGamer1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Absolute rubbish and the author neglects to mention any of Microsoft's marketing deals: witcher 3, division, possibly cod again (yet to be confirmed who gets deal) and that's just from the top of my head

Antifan1239d ago

Yet, you failed to mention that all those games you mentioned sold better and will sell better on the PS4 lol

Kribwalker1239d ago

Which they should considering they have sold 10 million more consoles....

Lev19031239d ago

Yeah seeing that the ps4 has more then 10 million sales then the xbox its only natural. You must be a genius.

Ps4 fanboys love these articles. That the reason its on the approved list. This site is losing its credibility each day imo.

LexHazard791239d ago

Could it be because of install base? You have nearly double or more by now. Which obviously means games will sell more on that platform. I will say this, despite the lower install base Xbox One games attach ratio is pretty good!

Condemnedman1238d ago

If I'm only left with a Sony console I'm out . So far sony has been boring this gen

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iTechHeads1239d ago

Division is 2016. It goes delayed.
Witcher 3 didn't even get a bundle.

COD is certainly partnered with Playstation. There's just so much proof is virtually undeniable at this point.

gamer11381239d ago

Funny, GAME are selling Xbox one Witcher branded bundles...

Spotie1239d ago

Cuz retailers never make their own bundles...

Dee_911239d ago

so its absolute rubbish because of only that? I mean yea it could have been added as a cliff note, but the point of the article still stand.

BallsEye1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Article made for s4g fanboys to make them feel better about their purchase. Xbox is doing great. Sony has been playing a very deceptive marketing, always getting free pass by their fans (deep down cgi lied as gameplay,same with uncharted, free driveclub was promised to be available 2 years ago, 50% more power, I could go on forever). Currently I have 2 xbox ones in my household and 1 ps4 with damaged thumbstic for no reason which collects dust all the time. It's just a worse product overall. You fanboys can hate, but I've proven many times I have ps4. You're too loyal to piece of plastic. Let the disagrees proove my point. Waiting for my fans that follow me everywhere, to appear with crappy comments how I downplay sony because I'm jeleous.

NerdStalker1238d ago

Sony hasn't deceived anybody with lies, All those games you mentioned are very impressive with there graphics are not too far from the original video shown, you just troll the net looking for the worst pics possible of a game so you can trash it for your own self pleasure and uncharted isn't even out yet, so we know not much about the finished product other than one video which looks on par if not better than anything Xbox one has shown. Lol "your too loyal to your piece of plastic, talk about the pot calling the kettle black", that's hypocrisy.

I've just been in gamestop the other day had a look at xbox one section and noticed there wasn't that much out for it other than 3rd party exclusives, so next time you start to criticize sony for lack of exclusives, you need look no further than ms and Ballseye having a ps4 and a xbox one doesn't make you have a superior opinion, it just points out how clearly desperate you are to put your point across because lets be honest you hated ps4 before it was out and you didn't buy a ps4 for any other reason than so you could say I have a ps4 and xbox one so my opinion must be superior.

"Let the disagrees proove my point. Waiting for my fans that follow me everywhere, to appear with crappy comments how I downplay sony because I'm jeleous."

No need to comment on that your comments history says everything bout you.

wegetsignalx1229d ago

Xbox is on track to sell far less than 360, that is not "great".

Sony's marketing is not deceptive, nor are they getting free passes.

Deep Down and Uncharted was never claimed to be gameplay, Driveclub PS+ version (not "free") is still coming, and PS4's GPU was 50% more powerful than Xbox at launch. Those are not lies, you are the one lying and trolling.

Millions of gamers are enjoying their PS4s and consider it the best console. Your trolling opinions and personal attacks mean nothing.

Many gamers never owned a PS3 and bought a PS4 not out of loyalty, but because it seemed like the best next gen system for them.

Your sad trolling, blind fanboy hatred, lies, and flaming means nothing.

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scark921239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

When Microsoft is primarily focusing on 1st Party games, I personally think that they should include more diverse first party games, I am not saying they are not diverse but I am saying that shooters should be cut down! More Scalebound etc!

NatureOfLogic_1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I understand exactly what you mean. It doesn't matter how many exclusives MS release if they continue to release the same old rehash exclusives over and over. MS likes to milk the cow dry instead of releasing new IPs to become more diverse. That's one of the reasons why I'm not impressed with Xbone so far.

1239d ago
hemmo19861239d ago

Yeah I agree. For the first half of last gen I loved my xbox 360, I mean absolutely loved it (still a great system). Played the first gears game than just couldn't get into the second. Lost interest in halo cause it hasnt changed since number two amd feels dated. The only exclusives i got into were Alan wake and dead rising one. Sony definately has more interesting titles the last of us, uncharted, killzone (not a great series), god of war

Stoppokingme1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

You wanna talk about rehash exclusives?

9 Mario parties

8 Mario Karts

Mario 1, 2, 3, 64, sunshine, galaxy, galaxy 2, paper Mario, Mario tennis, Mario Golf...

Then there is Killzone 1,2,3 shadowfall and uncharted 1,2,3,4...Not to mention the half dozen Ratchet and clank games.

Then there's the multies like Assassins creed 1, 2, 3, brotherhood, revelations, Unity, Rogue, and now syndicate...

Nobody is innocent of milking the cash cow.

ScorpiusX1239d ago

For the time being am enjoying the games , hardware provide to me by MS/Xbox.if the time should come for it to end , I will call it an experience and move on to PC gaming .