2K's New XCOM Game Will Be Announced on Monday; Count Down Revealed

Yesterday DualShockers reported that 2K Games’ “Advent” teaser site is actually for a new XCOM game, and today further “hacking” revealed a counter, pointing to the official reveal of the game, coming in two days, meaning on Monday.

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scark921238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

It should be announced today via 'Monthly Report' by the council!

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jdaboss1238d ago

meh.. rather it have been a new Bioshock tbh.

gamerfan09091238d ago

No one cares about XCom. The people have spoken, the industry has spoken, and the sales have spoken and they've all said the series is rubbish.

scark921238d ago

Pity we cannot burst your bubble ;)

yellowgerbil1238d ago

I didn't think too much about it till I got it free on PS+
Enemy Unknown is one of the funnest experiences I've had playing on the PS3 with friends (tied with Dead Nation)
It may not have the hype of big games, but it has the experience to make it memorable. I can say that I for one will be preordering it for my PS4

CorndogBurglar1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Um....sorry but you are wrong.

X-Com Enemy Unknown did well enough to garner not only a huge add on that sold separately called Enemy Within, but it also earned more than enough money and a big enough fan base to warrant a sequel.

That doesn't happen if sales, fans, and the industry all say otherwise.

For someone that calls themself "gamerfan" you seem to be out of touch with the gaming world.

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The story is too old to be commented.