Why Gamers Need to Be Reminded That Graphics are Secondary

Cinematic games are leading the charge in the industry nowadays, which is a great thing, but there are many games out there that, if given a graphical downgrade, would still be considered fantastic experiences.

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Rimeskeem1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Immersion should come first no matter what. Why play a game if it doesn't immerse you into the experience? Of course, this is my opinion

HaveSumNuts1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I think devs should at least be honest when they release gameplay videos and stop making the graphics look awesome then at retail release the graphics are downgraded. All I want is real gameplay footage no B.S.

Cindy-rella1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

"Why people need to be reminded that visuals are secondary."

Very silly. Visuals are very important first and foremost

ShinMaster1263d ago

Reminding PC fanboys that graphics are not the most important thing about a game is like talking to a wall.

HammadTheBeast1263d ago

Well, in this case, they released the initial gameplay target video 2 years before the release. A lot of things change in that time.

someOnecalled1263d ago

And yet PC gamers support games and dont snob at games that are not gfx intense. Console fanboys are funny when a lot of the best selling games that are fun and don't look so called next gen console gamers wouldn't even give a chance have a look at any dd store and tell me what's the to 20 games and tell me if all they care about gfx, in contrast to a certain fanboys that make excuses about a mediocre game that have great gfx that a hallway shooter and hype up every exclusive with great gfx. Yeah PC gamers are gfx whores, especially since without our support a lot of games would even made it to consoles.

badz1491262d ago


not just any wall. it's PC Master Wall!

ThunderPulse1262d ago

Seriously it what most people want to see is gameplay on the system they want to play it on.

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OB1Biker1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

graphics are important and so are many aspects of a game..
I remember the first time I saw Tomb raider on PC it was the first thing that came to mind.. the gameplay is intricately related to graphics IMO

ShinMaster1263d ago

"the gameplay is intricately related to graphics"

No it's not. Physics or art direction maybe.

Lamboomington1263d ago


So many people keep saying "Who cares about the graphics"
Visuals and audio are the ways in which gameplay is fed back to us.

Whatever anyone says, the graphics are a significant part of a game, and DIRECTLY affect how gameplay is perceived. In other words, they directly affect how entertaining the gameplay is. That's just a fact.

lelo2play1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

"Why Gamers Need to Be Reminded That Graphics are Secondary"

Well, apparently this gen, it seems graphics are more important then anything else... all these news and articles about 1080p/900p/720p on games, like it or not, help sell the PS4.
Most people are purchasing the PS4, not for quality exclusives, but for better looking multiplatform games.

SpaceRanger1263d ago

Or maybe people are buying PS4 because not everyone loves to play "dude-bro" games like Halo every single year...

Or maybe because both consoles have almost every game (multi-platform) in common and want the best for what they pay for? If you like paying the same price for a less optimized version of what you buy, then good for you I guess.

MRMagoo1231263d ago

And?..... if you have a choice of the same game on 2 platforms and one performs and looks better you choose that one, the gameplay is the same just one looks better.

secondly "Most people are purchasing the PS4, not for quality exclusives, but for better looking multiplatform games" please show me the source you have for this data you seem to posses.

Spotie1263d ago

What's with all the hyperbole talk out of the Xbox camp around here? There's so much twisting I don't think you guys even know what reality looks like anymore.

Graphics counted last generation, when blades of grass or 17p were a massive deal on multiplats. Now that framerates are routinely better, and the resolution is consistently superior on PS4, graphics no longer matter, right?


You have any evidence at all to back up your claim of why most people buy a PS4? Cuz it's far more likely that it's both of those things, plus a host of others, like Microsoft screwing up, Nintendo being Nintendo- and not having the casuals to bail them out- and playing all the right notes themselves.

You can SAY it's one thing, like hype, or better looking multiplats. You can type it til your fingers fall off. Won't make it true, and only makes you look salty.

SoulMikeY1263d ago

Please stop with this young generation "immersion" crap. "Why play a game if it doesn't immerse you into the experience?". You're joking right? It's called fun... I realize these new kids have replaced that word with "immersion", but it still exists for most of humanity.

Small example, not a single person I've ever met got "immersed" into Mario 64, but almost everyone rates it very highly. Ever wonder why? FUN.

Have a good day. And will some of you please quit being so "immersed" that you that you start losing brain cells... It's not "would of" or "should of", it's would HAVE, and should HAVE. Gamers used to be smart, now look at them..

Rimeskeem1263d ago

The reason why games are fun for me is because the bring me to something that's literally out of this world. They immerse me into an experience I can't find anywhere else and that's what's fun for me. When the regular world gets boring I go into the virtual world for fun/immersion which to me is kind of the samething in many cases.

Utalkin2me1263d ago


While i agree immersion is good in video games. but the first thing for me is fun and enjoyment. If those are in the game for me the rest falls in place.

Rimeskeem1263d ago

I completely agree, I just find being immersed into something makes it a lot more fun.

cpayne931263d ago

Why play a game if it doesn't immerse you? Maybe because it's... Fun?

Very rare for me to ever feel "immersed" in a game, and it usually isn't why I play games.

trenso11263d ago

Because if you're not having fun with the game play how can you ever hope to be immersed.

"Why play a game if it doesn't immerse you into the experience?"

>why play a game
>play a game

You don't play visuals so they should be secondary after polished game play.

Kingdomcome2471262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Immersion is a war that's waged on many fronts. Sound design, gameplay systems, controls, voice acting, narrative, atmosphere, physics, and graphics all play an intricate role in achieving true immersion. Graphics are a huge part of the equation, and one could argue that they're the largest piece of the puzzle. Problems arise though, when the other pieces are pushed to the back burner in the name of simply accommodating graphical fidelity. A balance needs to be struck in order to achieve true immersion.

blackblades1262d ago

Graphics are secondary yeah it used to be that way. Now our eyes are to used to last gen and this gen of games. It's hard to look at older games at times. As long as they're HD remaster it's all good or they aged well. It's usually ps1 games that's hard to look at at times.

3-4-51262d ago

I was able to get immersed in Mappy Land for NES no problem.

I never once thought it was real and it was just fine.

Equating Realism with being better is just ignorant.

It CAN be better, if done right, but it doesn't guarantee it at all.

I still much prefer a colorful art style that is pleasing to look at over "super realistic graphics" any day, although I DO appreciate a game that does realism in a believable way.

* The human eye can see 5,000,000+ colors. I can't stand when people think Realism = black,grey,dark yellow, brown, dark brown, more black, red, black, red, black red, somehow = Realism and awesome's just narrow minded.

Awesome graphics are the bonus on top of everything else that is fun and good about a game.

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Lennoxb631263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

If gameplay is good enough, it can make graphics secondary. But at the same time. graphics catches the eye of gamers and gets them more interested. Even a decent game with great graphics can sell just because of the graphics.

Gameplay will always be first though. Regardless of the graphics.

Lamboomington1263d ago

Graphics are an important part of any game. Ofcourse gameplay will come first, but it's never really that simple. They're both closely related, as someone else said here. You can't really separate them completely and compare them.

Barnaby-Jones1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I definitely believe some people put too much importance in graphics. What incentive do devs have to make an all-around great game if they know all they have to do is show pretty visuals and have many gamers hook,line and sinker?

trywizardo1263d ago

IDK , for me I love it when the game looks realistic , the details , the shadows , the reflection and the effects are just awesome
but when its cartoonish or "special art" it feels old or something , like DMC graphics is special-art but the original is more realistic ...

Lamboomington1263d ago

What I feel, is that the game is holding itself back by taking design gameplay presentation choices from the worst sp campaign games in history - the Modern Military Shooters. Atleast regarding it's basic combat sections.

Instead of taking design cues from stupid games, they need to take design cues from The Last Of Us or something. What a game. More complexity, interactivity and simulation at any one time. Give players something to play around with ie extra gameplay mechanics at any one time, so it doesn't feel artificial. Be it tweaking a weapon, or a Tesla flashlight that we can toggle at any time. That kind of thing adds soooo much. Friendly AI that isn't programmed to miss 9/10 times would also add to immersion, lol.

Also, some story parts were messed up are rushed at the end, which sucks. I actually think their next game will resolve many of these issues.

JWiLL5521263d ago

I'm pretty confident the sequel will be stellar too.

Not Uncharted 2 leap good, but a more fully realized game.

Given how smooth and responsive the shooting was, I can imagine multiplayer holding up very well. Make it Gears style with more destructible environments.

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