The script for The Witcher 3 has over over 450,000 words; 4x larger than the average novel

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is easily this year’s biggest and best RPG release; if you want to know why, I’d highly suggest checking out Fraser’s glowing review. It’s so big in fact, that the script for the entire game tallies in at over 450,000 lines, requiring a total of 950 speaking roles.

Voice production company, Side, handled the mammoth job of filling The Witcher 3 with an assortment of people, monsters and otherwise. Piloted by voice director Kate Saxon, it took over two and a half years to record all the dialogue.

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the_mack_attack31240d ago

Amazing. The game is just amazing!

Dyldog691240d ago

And about 450,000 bugs too. Sloppy

Summons751240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Playing on Ps4 and haven't encountered a single game breaking bug, half way through. Just one peasant moonwalking through a cutscene....which was too hilarious to count as a bug.

Aenea1240d ago

I had a guard standing on air, and he was sleeping too I believe, looked funny!

Anyhoo, did have an actual game crashing bug today, started talking to a vendor, the screen was about to switch to the Shop screen and the application quit on me. First time that that happened.

Allsystemgamer1240d ago

I'm sorry did you program an open world game of this scale? No? Has anyone else managed to create a living world the same way? No? Go back under your bridge

Perjoss1240d ago

This is your first open world game isn't it?

Maxor1240d ago

Did bugs and poor frame rate stopped you from enjoying Bloodborne?

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Summons751240d ago

I would be considering all the choices in the game. That's as surprising as when someone Tweeted the picture of the tome that was the Beyond: Two Souls script.

1240d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.