Six Months Later, LittleBigPlanet 3 is Still Broken

Hardcore Gamer: Sadly for gamers who are looking to play the most recent LittleBigPlanet title, there’s still a number of technical issues and game-breaking bugs that completely mar the experience.

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Hoffmann1237d ago

Played it through, did not come across a bug, played a lot of user generated levels as well without problems.

MRMagoo1231237d ago

My son plays this game daily and I have not once heard since he got it that something has gone wrong and he got it on release day.

FriedGoat1236d ago

It's buggy, take it from me.
I love LBP, but online in 3 is almost unplayable.
Online create is just a mess.

inveni01236d ago

I played a great 2D platformer based on Family Guy the other day and was insanely impressed. I wish I had more time to spend working in create, at least to build something my 3-year-old with no experience can easily play with his older brothers.

Pogmathoin1236d ago

Game works fine, yes it has crashed before, but so has nearly every game I have ever played..... Tis life.....

InTheLab1236d ago

Nearly every game you've ever played has crashed?

Pogmathoin1236d ago

You have never had games freeze on you? Considering the amount of code, it can always happen...... From the ZX48 all the way up to PS4, X1..... I may exagerate with every game, but many many games......

InTheLab1236d ago

If this were 1987 on the NES, I'd agree with you but come on dude. Less than 1 percent of the thousands of games I've played have crashed.

Freedomland1236d ago


Go back in the lab, this is not a place for you.

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ChronoJoe1236d ago

Yup, the bugs are circumscribed issues regarding the manner in which the levels have been built. They do not typically affect user generated levels but they do exist, there's no denying that.

It's a shame for those affected, in some cases it seems as though there's no option but to reset their story progress. I think people exaggerate the issues with LBP3 though, I've made several playthroughs without issue, and user generated content is no more affected by these bugs than any other technical game focused on user generated content (people make a lot of broken levels irrespective of bugs).

Personally I liked it more than LBP1, but less than LBP2, but I really appreciate the new creation mechanics, they've vastly improved user generated content from what was possible in LBP1 or 2, making UGC way more enjoyable to browse and play. Unfortunately, the game hasn't garnered the same popularity as its predecessors, so there are less creators and players. I do hope the series picks up again. Fundamentally it's a great LittleBigPlanet game, they merely needed to iron out some smaller kinks, and make the campaign a little longer.

DragoonsScaleLegends1236d ago ShowReplies(4)
3-4-51236d ago

It's "hardcoregamer"

They make a big sink about a lot of nothing quite often really.

Massacred1235d ago

Hmm I wonder where the problems people are seeing, are?

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Rimeskeem1237d ago

But it isn't..... Not when I play it.

KingKelloggTheWH1237d ago

This seems fishy. No one I know who owns it has talked about this.

johndoe112111237d ago

It's a hardcoregamer article, that's all you need to know.

ftwrthtx1237d ago

There's nothing broken about the game for me as I've played it for hours with no problems.

NinjaRichParty1236d ago

I have a group of buddies that all play it and I haven't heard them bitch about it at all. Hmm.

StrayaKNT1236d ago

A group of your friends play lbp?

Rimeskeem1236d ago

It's the best way to play the game

NinjaRichParty1236d ago

Actually yes. They dig the creation aspect of it. I don't play LBP myself because it's just too floaty for me. Gave it a try both on Vita and the new one, but it's not for me.

Nice try on being condescending for people liking a certain video game though. Keep it up. :)

StrayaKNT1236d ago


Not being condescending dude I'm just seeing What you guys are playing these days. It says alot. Hope you enjoy it though :)

Spotie1236d ago

"It says a lot."

What does it say? That some people actually have a PS4 and games to play on it, as opposed to pretending, like you do, while trolling the whole time?

Pastorfuzz1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Thanks AussieGamer1, I needed a good laugh this morning! And don't worry about Spotie. Some people are still bummed because Geralt does not have a penis!

DigitalRaptor1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Aussie told me via PM, that he believes that PlayStation gamers have the worst tastes and the lowest standards, which I find hilarious coming from somebody who:

1) Has a dudebro set of tastes in games himself.

2) Tells people he owns a PS4, but says things a person who owns one would never say, thus proving he doesn't have one.

3) Hates JRPGs for reason #1.

LBP is a gamer's game. It's "childlike" aesthetic says nothing but how charming a game it is to play, otherwise it's a fun game as any other especially with the mountains of free content it provides outside the base game. And yes, you were being condescending right up to your second comment. It's called stealth trolling and you are one of the more obvious ones.

Dee_911236d ago

it says a lot about a "man" that bases his masculinity off things a he enjoys.
I bet you shy away from cooties too huh. or whatever the equivalent is in stralia

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FITgamer1236d ago

It was pretty buggy when i playing, but haven't played in while since it only took 4 days to platinum.

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