Guillermo Del Toro Joins Petition To Pursue The Game, Norman Reedus Frustrated With The Cancellation

After Konami officially announced that there will no longer be a PS4 release date for "Silent Hills" because it's already cancelled, fans who are highly anticipating the game immediately signed a petition to ask the giant gaming studio and its director, Guillermo del Toro to pursue with the game.

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Rimeskeem1236d ago

YES! this is great news. If the people involved with it originally want to continue it that is excellent. Even if it has to turn into a crowd funded game with a totally different title i'm pretty sure many of us would give money to make the game happen.

thereapersson1236d ago

Seems that everyone involved is frustrated by Konami's stupid decisions. It baffles me when people defend Konami, honestly.

Summons751236d ago

Wait....there are people actually defending them? What are they saying, cell phone games are better than real games so it was a smart move to burn all bridges in the gaming world and abandon the industry...because that is a pretty poor defense.

moomoo3191236d ago


Why does anyone need to attack or defend them? They are making decisions for THEIR business not reading a moral compass. If they want to make phone games good for them, who gives a shit?

BVFTW1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I do, I've enjoyed their games in their prime, I remember the ultra brand, the incredible arcade games, I saw them become a titan and now I'm mistified by how that awesome brand has fallen, as a consumer I've the right to speak my mind, as a fan I'm more than qualified to critize their decisions and as a gamer I've the choice of not supporting them anymore. Konami can run its business to the ground or not, but I'm sure as hell that the brand will never be the same without guys like me who gave a flying duck!

TI_211235d ago

Am I the only one that smells a marketing stunt here? ^^
It's not as if Kojima hasn't done strange things like this before. :P


I dont recall a single solitary person ever defending Konami lol

Baka-akaB1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )


It's Konami's prerogative as a business ... but as gamers and probably not among of their shareholders , why care to defend them ?

Blurmobjet1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

What we need to do is petition Konami to sell the rights. That is the only hope we'll ever have of getting Kojima and Del Toro back together on this.

Normally I would say there is no way in hell that Konami would ever sell the rights to Silent Hill, but if they really are changing their business plan then maybe there might be something.

moomoo3191235d ago

You questioned why anyone would defend them, which insinuates they are in the wrong.

I understand people are frustrated with them but lets say you enjoy pes, and konami cancels pes. You are understandably upset, but does that make Konami "bad"? they decide whats best for their buisiness, and those decisions dnt require a moral stance from the consumer. If you dnt agree with them, just spend elsewhere.

BVFTW1234d ago

I agree that they are doing what they think is best for their business but they definitely could've done better. If they don't turn away from shunning that awesome IPs catalogue, believe me, I won't be the only one spending money elsewhere.

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TheOneWhoIsTornApart1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I would still rather it be Silent Hills then a spiritual successor though. Hopefully someone can unfuc* what Konami has fuc*ed up and the game can be made.

assassin2k1236d ago

I'd back it. Hell if it ended up on kickstarter I'd probably pledge about a hundred quid (which is a lot for me).

deathtok1236d ago

Agreed. You listening Sony? Pick up the phone and make this happen...

deadpoolio3161236d ago

How the hell is it great news? Do people really still not get in 2015 that petitions dont mean ANYTHING...If Konami doesn't want to spend the money a petition is not going to change that FACT....

And NO it will not become some crowd funded spiritual successor FACT PERIOD. The game was probably going to cost more than MGS5 which was 60 million, so your easily looking at 100 million with engine development, paying Del Toro, paying Reedus and Kojima...The most a game has ever made through KS is 4 million...

So unless you want a game that looks more like Amy and less like P.T its not happening get over it, move on with your life...MS isn't buying it, its not getting crowd funded, its OVER

Conzul1235d ago

"Pointless" petitions are a litmus of interest, and, in case you didn't get the memo....Interest moves Money.

frostypants1235d ago

@deadpoolio316, actually, I'd wager that petitions these days are more effective than ever. They're easier to put in from of people to sign them, and with social media it's easier to get the attention of the desired party. Petitions have saved freaking TV shows in recent years.

Baka-akaB1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Wondering if you can even back up those numbers ?

Cause i remember debunked crap of the same vein for mgs 4 about it costing 5 to 7 billion yens (roughly 80 millions then) .

Same goes for the Fox engine numbers you advance ... considering that each version of of one engine like Unity costed around 2-3 millions to develop . Even if you were to account some potentially superior engine like Fox , and considering the UE and Cryengine competitions , it doesnt add up

In fact it would be "easy" for the trio to pursue on superior or equivalent engines like UE4 . They didnt develop anything yet but a concept teasing demo . What would be keeping it in limbo is uncertainty about Kojima's future , him not even being free till the contract is up at the fall , timing and scheduling issues with Reedus and Del Toro , uncertainty about publishing model etc ..

And of course they'd have to ditch every concepts , designs , scripts , schemas that might be under Konami's ownship , erasing anything tying it in any way to their franchise , but it's doable .

"The most a game has ever made through KS is 4 million... "

Many of the people already in frenzy over the collaboration dont even care about about the franchise , but the genre of the game , its potential , and the people involved .

Those people would easily overlook the already Dead silent Hill franchise , and could help it outselling it or getting close

Bobertt1235d ago

Doesn't Konami own the game tho? They can still make the game on their own i guess if they change the name.

frostypants1235d ago

But if they are basically scrapping it, they'd have little to lose and everything to gain by just selling the rights to someone like Sony.

Bobertt1234d ago

@frostypants They own the right to the franchise tho so they would have to sell all of them and Konami seems to have gone brain dead so i don't think they will sell for a fair price. They own a bunch of old franchises that used to be good but they are doing nothing with them and not selling them to someone who would.

gapecanpie1235d ago

I don't think they should do it if Kojima is not doing it.....

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aquaticDonut1236d ago

I need a Guillermo Del Toro video game in my life.

Kingscorpion711236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

It's not gonna happen it's time to move on. The next game will be like Silent Hill downpour

mhunterjr1236d ago

It's nice to know that they are still interested in making the game... Perhaps a suitor could come along and save it...

BabyTownFrolics1236d ago

I'm bonafide! I'm a suitor!

BornGamerRob1235d ago

3 Disagrees? Oh noes! People didn't get it. But this is the single best reply to a comment in this thread.

Conzul1235d ago

Yeah're in a tight spot!

FattyBoy3D1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

lol. More petitions. How many petitions related to gaming have actually worked and changed something? Simple fact is is that the only way this game is gonna get done and released is if someone buys the IP. I think its a shame that MS didn't.

Skate-AK1235d ago

It worked when PC players wanted Dark Souls on PC.

user784051235d ago

And Microsoft dont owned or not the creator's of silent hills even with money it will not fly, its a protected property won't be sold to none other than original creators and 2nd party license ownership is no other than SONY, sorry Americans but you can make a new ip with a different name that isn't similar you can do

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