9 Scans From Nintendo Power of Sonic & the Black Knight for the Wii

Slashgamer has 9 scans of the game Sonic and the Black Knight. And yes, Sonic will be running around with a giant ass sword. I'm not 100% sure what the heck Sega is thinking, but as long as he runs faster then the Werehog in Sonic Unleashed, Slashgamer will be a little happier

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incogneato3767d ago

this is gona suck

how about a good old school style sonic game for once.

StephanieBBB3767d ago

Ya or an amazing RPG not involving Sonic or Mario or Link or any other washed out nintendo character.

When the Wii gets innovative with it's games I might think about buying one.

Rute3767d ago

I would say Zack & Wiki, Super Mario Galaxy, Warioware and Boom Blox are innovative games.

Could you mention some recent innovative games on other platforms?

Blue Legend3767d ago

A Sword.... o.........k........
An S-word?

zPlayer3767d ago

what the freak ever happened to Dr. Robotnik

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