Phil Spencer Denies Rumors About Alleged Acquisition of Silent Hills by Microsoft

Yesterday a wild (and somewhat ridiculous) rumor about Microsoft being in talks with Konami to acquire Silent Hills spread around the internet.

Today Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to deny the rumor, mentioning that he doesn't want fans to be misled.

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TheGreatGamer1290d ago

Well there you have it.. still hope this game can come back though, will be gutted if it stays cancelled

nX1290d ago

Too bad that Konami is being run by a bunch of clowns these days. I'm already afraid that they could be working on a mobile version of this game.

GMR_PR1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Calling people clowns because the want to concentrate their efforts on other things outside of your linking is really mature.

Blurmobjet1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

No, they're not clowns for wanting to change their business. They're clowns for their actions as of late.

There are things that, as a business, you just don't do. That alone make a public spectical of it.

GMR_PR1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


Like what? since you are such a great business expert.

BTW, he was obviously talking about their move to mobile.

"I'm already afraid that they could be working on a mobile version of this game"


yep, like i said really mature.

chrisx1290d ago

@GMR_PR Konami are run by a bunch of clowns.

nX1290d ago

I used the term 'clowns' because
- Konami's CEO said that mobile gaming is "the future"
- they fired Kojima after he kept them relevant and made them millions for more than a decade
- they handled this departure like kids by removing Kojima's name from every IP he worked on
- they killed franchises like Castlevania, Zone of the Enders, Silent Hill and soon probably MGS as well

It's just sad to see such an iconic company become so naive and childish within just a few years.

deadpoolio3161290d ago

That sounds so stupid...What are you a butt hurt 5 year old having a temper tantrum...Its how business works in reality, if you want to make money you focus on the things that actually bring in a profit.

Business is about making money, not winning hearts and minds

GMR_PR1290d ago


"Business is about making money, not winning hearts and minds"

Apparently this make bisnesses naive and childish.

johndoe112111290d ago

In that case ALL game companies should just give up on consoles and pc and should just focus on mobile and forget about winning our hearts and minds. Is that what you want? Did you think about that comment before you wrote it?

Nero21421290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

silent hill was 80 % done and they throw'd it away becouse of some stupid battle with kojima . Sureee this is how you make moneyyyyy

GMR_PR1290d ago


Although we all wouldn't want that, is something that is happening. And Konami is prove of that, the are alot of big developer names switching to mobile gaming because of the profit. I dont like mobile gaming but the reality ist mobile gaming trend is happening and getting big and saying developers are naive or childish for moving to mobile is just as childish and naive.

bouzebbal1290d ago

again, MS want to secure DLCs not games like this. and whoever buys this license has to buy Kojima with it.

Docknoss1290d ago

I would deny it too if I were trying to secretly bring it to E3.

mike_honcho1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

@game_pr.. You are literally the 1st person I've come across to actually defend konami..

Edit for spell checking my spell check

never4get1290d ago

Can't Phil Spencer make his statement more exact?! Like "Silent Hill Xbox One exclusive rumor is not true".

ShinoBro1290d ago


With a name like GMR_PR you should know full well that running a business isn't only about maximizing profits, it's also about maintaining a good public image. Take into account all the recent PR blunders from Konami; it's been a circus like spectacle, they've been at the top of the news headlines for months with nothing but negative press. So calling them clowns is really not that out of line.

Dee_911290d ago

i'm not sure if that's the reason they are calling them clowns...Bloodborn explains why, now you abandon your lame original argument to come up with another lame arguement,.. that ShinoBro just shot down in spectacular fashion.. anything else? whats the next argument in the line of defense ?

_-EDMIX-_1290d ago

Clowns? Immature much? lolz. I mean, they don't want anything to do with console gaming, they pulled PT as...they don't want anything to do with console gaming, Silent Hills is likely being canned guessed it...they don't want anything to do with console gaming.

I'm a HUGE fan of MGS, Silent Hill, ZOE, Castlevania etc, but just let them move on. It sucks, but Konami is doing what is BEST for Konami.

I can't fault them for that or call them "clowns".

I work in business, I get it. What you want and what you do for money are not one in the same.

Sure I LOVE MGS and even plan to get a MGS tattoo when I gain enough investment properties to no longer have to work with clients.

But the reality is, what you want for BUSINESS is not the same as what a gamer might want. The concepts are not the same.

Too many gamers on N4G are a bit too emotional regarding what is happening. The fact of the matter is, I know not of Konami's financial situation.

Look at it from their perspective, the spent money on MGSV for years and years of production all while that same amount was spent on AC series with many more millions of sales PER YEAR.

They as a company don't see the cost benefit of spending money on a 6 year cycle for 1 game were as AC is doing this for MANY games. Mind you...its not as if the extra cost equal extra units. MGS as much as I love the series, isn't a HUGE mega million seller like a Halo or AC or COD etc. YET has a longer cycle and comes with an extremely complex engine.

Consider MGSV isn't even a FULLY NEXT GEN MGS, its cross gen, so Konami's sorta in that situation where there like "if your spending this much for cross gen, we don't want to see the cost for FULL next gen development" much as I love MGS, business wise, I have to agree with Konami. They are spending AC and COD money....for less then AC and COD sales. They can make more making it with less quality, less development time and more entries. As a gamer I don't agree with that method, but clearly....look at AC and COD sales....

Consider....PT was released....for free. They made ZERO on PT, in fact...they spent MORE then they made, keeping it up on PSN...cost them, making it...cost them. We don't know how much Kojima has cost them in terms of development. Again, I love the MGS series but MGS4 only did like 6 million for YEARS of development, was never ported and clearly cost them LOTS of money.

Liking MGS has nothing to do with business. We again don't know just how much MGS development has cost this publisher or development of other titles.

What I feel is immature or childish is not actually making sense of WHY such a thing might be happening. Again...consider the sales of MGS...consider the COST to make it.

Would you spend the cost of 3 AC's to make 1 MGS? Business wise...that makes no sense. I hope they just sell off the IP's to other publishers and go mobile with IPs that make sense for it. What is great for gamers isn't always great for a company.

subtenko1289d ago

Who started this rumor? Konami owns silent hills...... and P.T. would be on a Sony platform as multiplatform if not exclusive. Kojima started with PlayStation. Makes sense

Tonykid1289d ago

Says the guy without any business knowledge.

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Anorexorcist1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Yes, there you have it you crazy little Microsoft Fanboys that were taking the news of this to the bank yesterday like it was all but confirmed. Don't do that anymore. It just makes you all look that much more desperate.

I don't think I'll ever trust two random guys on a Youtube video ever again...

Unreal011290d ago

Haha poor old AussieGamer1 is going to be crushed.

TheGreatGamer1290d ago

I can't speak on behalf of everyone on the internet that got excited yesterday but personally, and I'm sure most other people were like this too but I was just excited at the prospect of the game being saved and I hope there's a chance it might be, I don't know by who or where from or when but I hope gamers get to enjoy this game at some point

Gilgamesh151290d ago

If Spencer had something to say that is positive about the X1 you would not be saying "there you have it". You would be shitting all over it.

Baka-akaB1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


There is being excited at some prospect from a rumor ... and then there is feeding misinformation like you did about the game being "80% complete" ...

That was ridiculous , not even "yearly rehashes" like Fifa and Cod could be finished that quickly

SonofGod1290d ago

Good thing it wasn't true. Konami would probably be bombarded with death threats from the sony fanboys. Same thing that happened to Square Enix because of the Tomb Raider deal with MS.

DLConspiracy1290d ago

People should have been excited for the game being saved not any fanboy crap. That includes either sides fanboys trying to rub something in either sides face.

TedCruzsTaint1290d ago

Why do they have to be fanboys? There are, of course, fanboys to be found on here. Ones for every platform, even.

But couldn't the majority have simply been happy at the idea of the game coming back into existence in general? Not just for a specific platform?

I've learned that the majority who throw out the term "fanboy" tend to be just that, only for another team, if you will.

DLConspiracy1290d ago

@slap happy

Sad that people are excited for the PT game further confirmed dead. But hey console wars.

Why o why1290d ago

Well, apparently ms's unlimited cash meant thats all they needed to acquire the ip. Ms can buy anything they desire according to some

JasonKCK1290d ago

Was more of a case of MS fans wishing, and Sony fans "praying"

Spotie1290d ago

Why do you folks keep saying somebody is happy the game isn't being made? I haven't seen one person happy about it yet.

Because people- rightfully- doubted the ridiculous rumor and are now saying, "That's what I thought," that doesn't mean they're celebrating.

wegetsignalx1280d ago


That happens all the time from all fanbases (despite your hypocritical fixation on Sony), and it could have been a PC user that sent it, considering Tomb Raider is being kept off PC as well.

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showtimefolks1290d ago

Silent Hill is not a billion dollar IP, I don't think it ever was to be quite honest. Game being 80% done is also very hard to believe. Kojima production was working on MGS 5 and still are I think. So no way they were working on 2 games at once, especially Kojima who takes one game at a time approach

OK now here are somethings we as gamers we won't but these are facts

For as big as MGS as a franchise is, it's not COD big. Yes the game sells well but I have read that Konami didn't make a lot of money of MGS since the production costs were high for each game

Konami makes a killing in mobile so that's why they are focusing on that too. In Japan especially mobile/handheld market is huge

Can we or should we feel sorry for kojima? I mean he was paid well, he is a legend and will be highly and I do mean highly recruited when his studio will be available for either purchase or to work on an independent project

No doubt Konami could have and should have acted with more manners. And as a Kojima fanboy I hated how they handled it but part of me is happy that now he gets to work on whatever he wants

He has been talking about not wanting to do more MGS games so maybe there will be some good in this after all

Now the biggest question

Will Konami put these IP's for sale?

Don't take my comment as like I am trying to defend Konami, not at all. All I am saying is maybe now kojima can actually do what he wants and not be restricted by MGS universe only

Konami should have shown a lot more respect and not have removed his name from all he has worked hard for

Magicite1290d ago

there will be no huge third party exclusives on X1 period.

rainslacker1290d ago

Now we just have to hope people listen to him. Seems some people ignore him when he says things that go against their already preconceived notion of what they want to actually be.

EvilWay1290d ago

Phil Spencer denies a lot of things then we find out they are true though no? He tells little white lies so he can suppress our hype and get us excited later on

DigitalRaptor1289d ago


Like how DX12 isn't making a huge differences for XB1, like he said?

Like how Rise of the Tomb Raider is nothing but a timed exclusive, like he lied about?

Like how he announced games at last year's E3 as being a part of their 2015 lineup, but always were going to end up as 2016 releases?

Like how he said that consumers would get to keep their Games with Gold, only to find out that it was just like PlayStation Plus?

Like how he told gamers to keep asking for JRPGs on XB1, and all the good ones are being announced for PS4 instead?

No mate, I don't think so. Sounds like a pile of dead hype at a loss to PS4, to me.

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Nyxus1290d ago

Not surprised in the least.

Abriael1290d ago

I'm not sure how someone considered it credible, especially since they mentioned it was being sold for "billions." I love SH like the next guy, and I truly enjoyed PT, but Silent Hill isn't that big anymore.

Nyxus1290d ago

Yeah, also the game being 80% done sounded very unlikely, this rumor just went against everything that we know about the project.

nX1290d ago

Yesterday's article about it was filled with hillarious believers.

KevWriter1290d ago

What got me was the claim that Konami took P.T. down to show good faith to Microsoft. What?!

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JMaine5181290d ago

I really wanted to believe this but the specifics of the rumor were way to ridiculous. The Silent Hills dream is dead : (

d_g1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

konami not smart enough to bring back the game

the rumor was ridiculous specially the 80% done