Final Fantasy 10's new look betrays its main character

GR: By all rights, I should be happy that Final Fantasy 10 has finally been released on PS4. In many ways I am - I've adored the game since its original launch let's not talk about it years ago, and though we just saw the game return on PS3 last year, anything that makes the vibrant world of Spira even more available to a new generation of players is worth celebrating. But I'm still not entirely happy. I can't be, for a reason that the folks behind 10's Remaster may not have considered, but I feel should stand as a warning to anyone updating a beloved piece of gaming history: I hate Yuna's new face. So goddamn much.

Spoilers for Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster follow.

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chrisx1235d ago

hes right tho, yuna's previous face is better

Bass_fisherman1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

and everything else...

martinnatalex1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

HDR lighting is better
Necklace is clearer
Facial expression is pronounced
Tidus looks like a badass

Edit-only thing better in the new ones is hair. Face size is negligable, they both look hot... All details and expressions are better on the old one though... New ones are soulless.

KryptoniteTail1235d ago

Hm, I would have to see a comparison video but if true it's certainly a crime, albeit infraction.

pasta_spice1235d ago

Yeah it was a strange choice to change the main character models, especially since none of the NPCs were updated. Some are improved IMO, but others are definite downgrades. The one that stuck out to me was Seymour Guado's new look. I have no idea what Square were thinking when they changed his face to....this:

For some reason Square made his face really stylized and almost Kingdom Hearts-esque. Its an odd change.

zeuanimals1235d ago

I want to punch both of those faces so that's all that matters. They didn't mess that part up.

rainslacker1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Honestly, it looks like they just did a simple increase in the polygon count to help smooth things out, but didn't bother to optimize that model too much.

I can't really speak to the PS4 version, but I did play the PS3 version and I don't recall anything standing out as unimpressive emote wise. but it had also been a great while since I played the PS2 version.

I can see the authors point based on the stills, but still do make it hard to see what it's like in motion. I do think I like the softer look of the PS3 or even PS2 version compared to the PS4 version though. That last picture in the article actually shows a good representation of how expressive her face could be, and was one of the reasons why she was easily relatable because you always knew how she felt even if her words said otherwise. I remember playing the Japanese version on the PS2 when it first released, and do recall that I always knew how she was feeling, even though I never knew what she was saying. That scene after the wedding was a perfect example. She didn't say anything, but there was a ton of emotions portrayed in her eyes and face.

InTheZoneAC1235d ago

I think the problem is how they changed the emotion from her eyes. It's ok to make her face smoother and her head not so huge, but the eyes is where they failed.

But why are they bringing this up now? Was this not the same issue with the ps3 version?

Adrian_v011235d ago

Speaking in general, am I the only one who prefers the old graphics over the new remastered ones?

Bass_fisherman1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

No you are not its painfully obvious that FFX was taken by a big poop over those character models...i dunno why they even bothered changing the faces with a completly diferent art style.

Adrian_v011235d ago

For me the remaster is like they just added a terribly strong blur filter. In the old game the faces and hair seem much more detailed.

rainslacker1234d ago

I didn't mind the PS3 version, but these pics, and others I've seen do show a marked difference in how more isn't always better.

It's not really a blur filter, it's more that the models are not so ruggedly defined, so there are less smoothing effects on the newer models, as the additional polygons are added to make it more realistic. This gives everything a softer feel, and while it actually adds detail, it can make it look like detail was taken away due to the nature of the eyes perception. The added lighting effects applied to more angles from a more detailed model also help soften everything, which gives an image that blurred look.

It's kind of a sloppy way to do a remaster TBH. It wasn't bad, it was just different, and it did take something away from the original, although I could never really put my finger on what, but this article makes me think it may have been the removal of some of the emotion that was expressed with what is now rather basic character models...because SE did quite an impressive job of that back when the game first released.

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