UGO Live from E3: The Agency Impressions

UGO writes: "Not content with orcs and elves, Sony's going all out with its superhero action MMO, DC Universe, and this secret agent action shooter, The Agency. What MMO addicts might be confused about first in this first person/third person shooter is the lack of a class system. There is no DPS or tank or healer class, The Agency lets you change the way you play at all times. The only choice a player has to make seems to be in selecting which organization to become affiliated with: U.N.I.T.E., the United Nations' spy consortium that's prim, proper and other p-words, or ParaGON, a rough-and-tumble outfit that seems a little more mercenary. After the typical body type (though there's nothing typical about the body type choices, unless you mean stereotypical!), you're off to die another day."

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