UGO Live from E3: Hands-On Pure

UGO writes: "Pure definitely surprised me when I visited Disney Interactive's E3 showroom. Unlike the rest of the cutesy titles on display, the game has some pretty stellar graphics, a great soundtrack, and a really engaging game engine. I wouldn't call it a realistic dirt bike racer, the focus on tricks and jumps pretty much guarantees that the title will feel pretty arcade-y, but the physics and visual style grounds the entire experience in a--slightly adjusted--version of reality.

Immediately upon seeing Pure, I started getting flashbacks of the SSX snowboarding games. The comparison is actually pretty strong, but unlike SSX, Pure doesn't come packaged with a colorful cast of characters intent on riding through giant pinball machine courses in Japan. No, Pure forgoes impossibly designed tracks for locations like mountain ranges, but the focus is on doing tricks to earn boost, just like SSX."

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