UGO Live from E3: Hands-On LEGO Batman

UGO writes: "I've got to be honest and say that I'm not really a fan of the LEGO universe of games. The first two Star Wars titles and the recent Indiana Jones got the storytelling bits right, I enjoyed all the self-aware LEGO jokes, but the game play was just too simple to keep me invested in the experience. No matter how much I enjoyed putting every character's head on Leia's slave-girl body, I never really saw the reason to do it.

That said, I'm actually pretty impressed by what I saw during my demo of LEGO Batman. It seems the designers at Traveler's Tales have addressed the pitfalls of the previous games and set out to clean the slate with the latest LEGO adventure by providing a variety of game play experiences and an original Batman story. And it's also the best-looking LEGO game to date, with a number of high-res textures across the span of Gotham City."

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