Project CARS On Xbox One Won't Be Updated To 1080p, Windows 10 Kernel Won't Improve Performance

Ian Bell on the Xbox One version of Project CARS, PS4 CPU, DriveClub and AMD hardware performance improvements.

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TheGreatGamer1290d ago

Wanted to pick this up but I keep hearing it's buggy, hopefully they can make it more stable but I'll wait for the 1080p 60fps goodness of Forza 6 myself

d_g1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

forza 5 the only next gen racing game that running on 1080p 60fps (on consoles)

can’t wait to see forza 6

Rookie_Monster1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Keep in mind Forza 3 was a gigantic leap over Forza 2 on X360 so I expect the same with Forza 6 over 5 on Xb1.

DX12 and a game built grounds up with it will be the true showcase of what the xb1 can do and not with a quick patch job or a windows 10 kernel. Gamingbolt is reaching here for them click.

Edit Uptown below:

You forgot that Forza 5 is a launch racer and the only racer with a locked 60fps. What would be the sacrifice to Driveclub if it decides to go the 60fps route and didn't have an extra year of developing time. LOL

Forza 6 is here soon and you will see first hand at E3 and the true next gen Forza Motorsport will be unleashed upon us. And what racer on PS4 this year will be competing with it? ;)

uptownsoul1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong, but with no weather or night driving (not to mention the crowds in the stands), Forza 5 is also one of the least demanding racing games on 8th gen platforms.

Now I expect a lot of disagrees but can somebody link any info that I'm actually incorrect?

Maddens Raiders1290d ago

Poor Xbone just can't catch a break.

1290d ago
TheGreatGamer1290d ago

Not sure why you're getting disagrees, anyone inform me?

star_lancer1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


You're no more wrong than d_g is for stating the FACT that Forza 5 is the only next gen 1080p 60fps racer on consoles, yet he is getting slammed with disagrees

Apparently 19 people (and climbing) must know of another next gen 1080p 60fps racer on consoles.

tuglu_pati1290d ago


"Correct me if I'm wrong, but with no weather or night driving (not to mention the crowds in the stands), Forza 5 is also one of the least demanding racing games on 8th gen platforms.'

Still the only 1080p/60fps current generation game though, it doesn't matter how you try to spin it.

re2_apocalypse1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


He is getting all those disagrees because he made his post with fanboy response; along with several people below him.

All these racing games coming out have been fun and successful, so who gives a sh** if it hits various benchmarks or not. As long as it is stable and fun, and the people buying them are enjoying them, not because they have some fanboy hard-on for the specific game or company behind the system

pop_tarts1290d ago


I'm not hating on Forza or Xbox, Forza is the only reason I buy Xbox consoles anyway, but to sit there and say a bare-boned racing achieving 1080p 60fps is a deliverance from the gaming gods then you are mistaken. Just like you I am hoping that everything is in Turn10's favor when producing a grand racing experience with the performance to match. But I want my day/night cycle (since Forza Horizon had it) I want dirt tracks and I want rain. Sure more than 200 cars at launch without DLC would be nice too, but let's focus on those things first then start adding cars andd tracks.

Forza 5 was a complete failure, compared to any other Forza, in my eyes...even if they had a full year to do weather and day night cycle they wouldn't have added it because even with 2 years of it being out there still wasn't any day night cycle.

DougLord1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

I personally don't understand what a "giant leap" would look like in a racing game. Forza 5 and other current racers look amazing. Why do I need crowds in the stands? Do you think I actually look at that BS when racing? Weather effects??? I'd rather they give me a way to turn off the sun flare that makes me not be able to see the beautiful scenery. Why would I want to race in the rain? Personally I'd prefer a PGR mode where you rack up points/$$ for crazy drifts and stunts. Or may be street racing with traffic, pedestrians and police to deal with.

For the Sony trolls lulzing about this and saying it means DX12 can't make games better. Where is your compensation for Project Cars being broken at launch? Cause we just got ODST FOR FREE.

skebik71290d ago

TROLLS live in neverland
EEEHHH but i think you didnt read the header troll

wolf5811290d ago

I dont know about x1
but PROJECT CARS IS 1080/60 ON PS4
and has better graphics from forza 5

uptownsoul1290d ago


Still the only 1080p/60fps current generation game though, it doesn't matter how you try to spin it. -- WRONG…Mario Kart 8 is 1080p/60fps…And I bring that game up for a reason…Its easy to reach 1080p/60fps on racing games when they have little to no demand. THAT IS NOT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT

uptownsoul1290d ago


Forza 5 is NOT the only racer that is 1080p/60fps…Mario Kart 8 is 1080/60fps too. And before you tell me about the cartoony graphics of Kart8---Let me stop you & say Thats My Point!!!…Racers with less demand are easier to hit 1080p/60fps…So that's NOT as big of an accomplishment.

Now we'll see if Forza 6 can maintain 1080p/60fps while incorporating more demanding features of some of these other racers. If so…GREAT

BTW, Forza 6 isn't a better (or worse) game based on what racer PS4 has (or doesn't have) this year to compete with it. It will still get comparisons to Project Cars. Thats like saying MLB 15 The Show is the best Baseball game you have EVER seen since it had NO competition.

NatFanBoyRestricted1290d ago

Uptown, read this whole comment and try to understand it before considering what anyone has told you. All racing games this gen on their release or point of release are basically demanding. ALL. Forza does have a terrible in game crowd and no weather and day and night cycle. But it does have as close to life size tracks and allot of cars. And good physics. I'll say good just not to piss off anyone, but let's be honest, there's nothing to compare it to yet to know what's better that had about the same tracks and total cars. Next Driveclub looks really good, but allot less cars, not sure about physics, the weather is amazing, but do correct me if I'm wrong. I think DC was a linear base racing not circuit, and I'm guessing less cars in total onthetrack compared to forzas few races where you race against the AI weaving between a ton more cars through laps on huge tracks. What I'm saying is ones demanding by having less desirable graphics in some forms, but more quantity, while the other has amazing graphics but less quantity. By graphics I mean like in game texture and rain drops and such, nothing concerning 1080p or whatever. See what I'm saying? The only way I can simply it is using a pc example. I game running 2560p 60 fps on a medium range pc might only be able to do that while graphics are set to maybe half way. While the same game might still max out the same pc at at ultra setting but retain 60 fps at only 1080p. Really I'm just trying to help, but I hope this does. Console gaming right doesn't have a racing game that offers everything. All the cars, tuning,tracks, open world, weather, physics, 1080p 60fps, allot of Ai's. For now what devs can do with the hardware, you can only have so much of each category. But the game will still be demanding. And it sucks in a way that we have to spend on multiple game to satisfy it all. Forza, to forza horizon, to Dc, to Proj.Cars. but hopefully this gem gets there. Forza compared to FHorizan are both fun, but the both have something the other doesn't and loose some too. I use forza as an example because it's all I have for now. Ps4 soon for sure once GrandTurismo,(grew up on ps1,and 2 with this game) comes out. If only they had a GT with open world and that used car lot. But I know that's a dream that probably would never come through :'(

tuglu_pati1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


"Mario Kart 8 is 1080/60fps too."

The hate is real within you. When you start comparing a game like Forza with Mario Kart technically, is when you know you don't have an argument. Mario Kart is a great fun game, probably more fun than Forza, but technically speaking it does not compare to Forza.

Keep spinning buddy.

xHeavYx1290d ago

How about Project Cars on PS4?

uptownsoul1290d ago


Let me if I can more simply explain what I'm saying. During the Actual Race (where frames per second actually matters) there is WAY more demand with all the features from DriveClub (& to a lesser extent Project Cars) than on Forza 5.

For example, during an Actual Race in Driveclub the PS4 has to process day into night, sunshine into rain, rain into snow,etc. AND simultaneously manage the engine that controls how the precipitation interacts with the cars. All of that takes processing resources. But since Forza 5 doesn't have weather it doesn't have to process any of that, thus the In-Game racing is less demanding and thus easier to achieve 60fps

uptownsoul1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


Nobody's comparing Mario Kart 8 to Forza 5. But I forgive you, you just got confused when you saw the 2 games in the same paragraph.

I brought up Mario Kart 8 to prove that less demanding racing games can hit 1080p/60fps easier than more demanding racing games.


What are you talking about??? Please quote where I put Mario Kart 8 anywhere NEAR Forza 5's level???


No…You saw both games in the same comment and assumed I was comparing them. I brought up Mario Kart 8 as an example of a game that EVERYBODY agrees is NOT as demanding as the other 8th gen racers to prove that less demanding racers can achieve 1080p/60fps easier than more demanding games

Any other conclusions are YOURS not mine.

GMR_PR1290d ago


" WRONG…Mario Kart 8 is 1080p/60fps…And I bring that game up for a reason…Its easy to reach 1080p/60fps on racing games when they have little to no demand. THAT IS NOT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT"

Mario Kart probably isn't a demanding game for PS4 or Xbox One standards, but for the Wii U it probably is. You comparison is flawed in so many levels.

tuglu_pati1290d ago


You are obviously putting them in the same level, which is wrong. Forza 5 is doing so much more than Mario Kart. Try running F5 on a Wii U at 1080p/60 FPS.

dancerOfDeath1290d ago

Motorsport 5 is the best racing game this gen, imo. Still a great community online.

GMR_PR1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


"What are you talking about??? Please quote where I put Mario Kart 8 anywhere NEAR Forza 5's level???"

Uh.... Please quote where said you put Mario Kart 8 anywhere NEAR Forza 5's level?

I said your comment is flawed because stating that Mario Kart is not demanding is not accurate, Mario Kart is a demanding game for it respective console which is the Wii U.

Dee_911290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

"Apparently 19 people (and climbing) must know of another next gen 1080p 60fps racer on consoles."

.. ummm how about the video game whose article you are commenting on no? Is it not 1080p 60fps on ps4?

... so it doesn't count? moving the goal post much? If we are to be moving goal post. I;m sure F5 would "barely" be pushing 60fps with a 40 car grid, day/night cycle and weather..But since it has none of those things we will never know..

GMR_PR1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


The game barely runs at 60FPS even on PS4

uptownsoul1290d ago


I get what your saying, but even on the Wii U Mario Kart 8 (1080p/60fps; very little if any hiccups) isn't that demanding because we've recently seen how Project Cars is working on the Wii U. Now... I am comparing those 2 games since they are on on the same exact hardware

GMR_PR1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


If the game barely stays on the 60FPS mark then the game is hardly running at said FPS.

F5 in the other hand it stays at 60FPS most of the time if not all of the time. So if one of this two could be called a true 1080p/60FPS game is F5.

From digital foundry:

"A performance analysis of Forza 5, opening with its showcase Prague circuit. The frame-rate reading is a monotone 60fps throughout any race"

would you say a game is 1080p if it drops resolution on certain scenes? no, that would be dynamic resolution, same thing should apply to FPS

Dee_911289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

So basically you are picking and choosing what matters.. thats very fair /s

"A performance analysis of Forza 5, opening with its showcase Prague circuit. The frame-rate reading is a monotone 60fps throughout any race, only switching to 30fps during its rolling pre-race sequences."

.. so not only do you get to pick and choose what matters, you get to misquote people !!? Pleases teach me your fascinating ways of arguing!

"would you say a game is 1080p if it drops resolution on certain scenes"

Resolution and frame rates are two different things... This makes no sense whatsoever

"The game barely runs at 60FPS even on PS4"

From DF
"The game's frame-rate is also a sticking point. Project Cars targets an ambitious 60fps on each platform, but the sheer breadth of options gives players the power to determine whether it hits this mark, or drops closer to 30fps. For example, our first race is on the Dubai Autodrome International circuit, a manic 35-car race with light clouds overhead, camera set to interior cockpit view and no damage physics enabled. Even with this number of AI racers, the game sticks to a 60fps line throughout, and only drops for one stretch on the circuit (to 50fps on Xbox One, and 55fps on PS4)."

In short, you can make the game a solid 60fps if you so choose. So by your logic, if F5 is a solid 60fps despite the drop to 30fps under certain circumstances, Pcars is a solid 60 fps despite drops under certain circumstances.

NatFanBoyRestricted1289d ago

Uptown, technically yeah your right. But that's everything at the moment. The console/a pc still takes into account everything around it geographically not including AI, unless the drivatar profile of friends and other players are stressful to run the AI on the X1. Drivatar also wasn't a feature for 360 by the way, if your not sure what it is, look it up though. But what I mean geographically is something like draw distance. Like on a pc for example, increasing draw distance can have is effects on how much more the machine ha's to work. So like I said. DC I'm sure really pushes hardware when there's stuff happening. But because something like Forza has other features using up hardware, it doesn't have DC weather and such. We're basically talking same difference here. Like look at Forza Horizan. Decent open world graphics for being the first of its kind on Xbox one. But physics I'm sure got cut. Tuning in sure got cut. And AI,from what I've seen, isn't the smartest. But it's a huge world. More AI'S, weather changes, and such. I'm not which is better, or which console is better here, I'm just saying, each is in a class of its own and to much of one thing means less of another when it comes to a game, or games like these. Even look at call of duty vs Bf series. Then look at bf4. Call of duty can easily look good, but at the loss of detail, BF support's more players on a gigantic map.

scientificreasoning1289d ago

Yeah but it looks like ass because of it....

JMyers1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

But isn't there no day/night cycle, weather transitions, limited draw distance and also low crowd detail? Forza isn't as demanding as this.

SilentNegotiator1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

"Mario Kart 8 is 1080/60fps too", it really isn't.
Mario Kart 8 is 720p60fps.

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TheGreatGamer1290d ago

@star lancer Very well put, he isn't slamming any other series or consoles just stating a FACT, but apparently that warrents a surge of disagrees smh

Me-Time1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

I went back to re-read what he said and clicked Disagree for bringing up a game that did the bare minimum in terms of content and didn't sacrifice anything (as a racing sim).

"You're right but I think the performance being a solid 60fps and 1080p is more important than having 3d crowds and day/night cycle"

If a racing simulator aims to be just that, 60fps IS VERY important, but I very much disagree that a day/night cycle isn't important. Night racing gives an entirely new feel from the track and it's fun :D.
Then there's weather effects and the effect weather has on the track surface. I would say weather effects is one of the most important "realism-factor" features not to be in the Forza series.

d_g got all those disagrees, because his comment wasn't exactly... wise. He brings up FM5 and the FFAACCTT it's the only current-gen racing game that features 60fps at 1080p. Well, the person they replied to only stated they'd WAIT for FM6 (adding they like that it's in 60fps and 1080p. Pretty sure d_g didn't need to bring up FM5 the way they did. If he asked the OP if they ever played FM5 along with what they've posted, then it would seem like a legitimate comment/post. Instead, d_g's decided to not be useful. One-click flamebait? Yup, he did it so he'd waste a minute while I waste 60.

edit -

I didn't disagree with you, but since you did me, I got back! :D

Dee_911290d ago

lol @ "fact"
project cars run 1080p 60fps on ps4.. so no.. no its not a fact.. its in fact a lie.

skebik71290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

IT TAKE a whole generation to ms to launch a 1080/60 forza....with prebaked lighting ,no weather effects,no crowd and with blunt linear poor levels.
hahaha even ps3 HAS gt5 and 6 IN 1080p/60


Svinya1289d ago

Wtf is a blunt linear level? And btw, GT 5 and GT6 aren't full 1080P, but 1280x1080/1440x1080, and they drop to as low as 30 fps. Forza is 1920x1080 and a locked 60fps.

Go away, Trolly Trollington.

VealParmHero1290d ago ShowReplies(1)
re2_apocalypse1290d ago


Are you high? Project Cars broken on PS4? I must live in a different universe, because the game is running great. You must be a complete idiot and thinking about Driveclub's original launch. Project Cars on Xbox One might be broken though; that system continues to lack in everything this generation (minus a few good games)

Fil1011290d ago

Although there is bugs I wouldn't go as far to say it's not enjoyable cause it is but the biggest problem I've got is th collision, seriously somtimes the slightest knock can put your car on it roof. I'm playon on ps4 so can't comment on other formats.
psn id : phil101

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ScorpiusX1290d ago

If I really cared I would be bothered but since am not. Beside i rented played this already not all that to begin with DC , Forza were better .

Aloy-Boyfriend1290d ago

Lotta crushed dreams I'll see here

Rookie_Monster1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

What crush dream? There are currently 2 exclusive 1080p racers on xb1 and Forza 6 incoming. Project cars is like a step child among the titans of racers on XB1. LOL


Dude, Forza Horizon 2 already did all that duff you had just mentioned. I am not downplaying it but some people need to get a grip as a patch game with Dx12 is not the same as a game built completely with DX12 on day one. Forza 6 will be the racer that will showcase it.

Phil Spencer even said it himself:
Phil Spencer–Verified account ‏@XboxP3

"DX12 will have impact on XBOX One games written for DX12. Some DX12 features are already in XBOX One but full DX12 coming"

And Forza 6 will have a new DX12 engine.

Microsoft will reportedly use a DirectX 12 graphics engine on Forza Motorsport 6 on the Xbox One

skebik71290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

FINE we will compare forza 6 with gt7,project cars,and of course forza 5....
hope we dont see you offline when forza 6 released thought....because mark my words forza 6 will eat dust from gt7....

keep dreaming with dx12 fiasco.
1080 its a nightmare for all xowners just forgeted and move along y all just embarrassed your selfs....

TheCommentator1289d ago

If GT7 shows at E3, It'll likely be all smoke and mirrors anyways, either running on a PC or CGI like Uncharted 4's gameplay demo or reveal trailer. Or it could end up like The Order, Witcher, or Watchdogs reveals vs. final build. Tbh, it doesn't matter, Forza 6 will hold it's own no matter what Sony shows of GT7.

To quote Doug Quaid from Total Recall,"Two weeks." We'll see at E3.

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Svinya1289d ago

Where are you Xi morons coming from? Some cartoon (anime)?

2cents1290d ago

Honestly speaking...

Forza is the racing franchise for X1.

Project cars is sweet but not the best on the console.
They are spread too thin trying to please everyone (except Nintendo fans lol).

After seeing the comparison of Forza 5 (launch title) with the current X1 Project Cars, I was unpleasantly amused.

Turn 10 are true petrol heads, I'm happy to wait for the next killer Forza installment. I'm very excited for Forza 6. Cant be bothered with all this multiplat nuanced arguments for supremacy. Project cars is awesome, just not for Xbox.