About 10 million Germans Play on the Tablet

Four out of ten people in this country have a Tablet PC. 61 percent, so the vast majority of them, the device uses to play. The data comes from the market research institute and shows that around 10 million people plays on their tablet.Quite a huge number.

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Hellsvacancy1262d ago

My daughter games on her tablet more than she does on the three console I have around my house, those free to play games are a menace

Testfire1262d ago

I'm addicted to Clash of Clans on my tablet for almost a year now. It's not even so much the game as it's more about having fun with clanmates.

Gilgamesh151262d ago

Wow, the Germans have crap taste in games.

kraenk121262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Germans mostly game on PC and are bigger Witcher fans than most of the rest of this world. Btw I'm writing this on a tablet, am German and game on many platforms. Many Germans are like that. We love technology...and in contrast to the U.S, we love education as well.

BattleAxe1262d ago

Well I suppose in contrast to the Germans, Americans love freedom and democracy. You should be referring to yourself as a European Union man, in the land of anti-democratic institutions such as the European Commission and the un-elected European President. Germany will soon be nothing more than a province of the European Union...such a shame.

Hoffmann1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

"About 10 million Germans Play on the Tablet"

...but for me, it was Tuesday!

I am German too but play on a Desktop and multiple other platforms. But not on a tablet or smartphone /mobile.

Masterchief_thegoat1262d ago

me playin games on a tablet nah ...i stick with my new gene consoles....

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