PS4/Xbox One Power Nowhere Near Realized Yet, GTA Boss Says

"I don't think we remotely have seen what can be done, and that's super exciting."

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Fro_xoxo1241d ago

General Knowledge. .
as we get better games :)

Army_of_Darkness1241d ago

Wait till they release a current Gen only game! it's probably gonna make GTA V for the ps4/xbone look dated :-D

Kalebninja1241d ago

Infamous ss? The order? Bloodborne? Sunset overdrive? Plenty of current gen only games all beautiful of course.

angelsx1241d ago

Yes Red dead redemption 2(3) will blow minds

bloop1241d ago

I can't wait for the next GTA. I think GTAV is the best looking open world created for any game so far. The level of detail is still absolutely mind boggling today. No other game has a world with so many little touches and small details in every little nook and cranny on the map. Plus they just have a golden touch with making the world feel alive with everything that happens with npc's etc. I can't wait to see what they come up with building from the ground up for current gen.

Play2Win1241d ago

You can say that they squeezed everything out of the PS3 and Xbox 360 but PS4 and Xbox One are just starting. And that is fine.

EvilWay1241d ago

Project Cars devs say otherwise

fdkenzo1241d ago

And it is they'r mistake, because they ar not very good on optimazing games, and you must be out of your mind to think that the power on consoles is already achieved....

Army_of_Darkness1241d ago


So you're gonna believe the words of the project cars dev. over ROCKSTAR dev.!?? LOL! that right there is already hilarious.

DOMination-1240d ago

It wasn't a rockstar dev, it was the CEO of take 2 who i imagine doesn't know much about developing games

Dynasty20211240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Its been over a year, and they have over a decade of coding knowledge at their fingertips due to the architecture basically making the new consoles a PC.

If they havent tap'd it now, its because of two reasons;

One, they already have and wont say, in order to keep you delusional because it maintains sales.

Two, they're holding back so that every release gives a bit more power, again to keep up delusions that the consoles are more powerful than they are. Pure marketing BS.

You dont just release your "best" version, like a phone - you release small changes each time. "Oh look a better camera." That camera has been available for years.

Lordani661241d ago

I have also read that the creators of The Order said that the GPU memory alone was used only in 70-80%, and that was one of the first exclusie games, so after few years they would knew how to make it use about 50% of memory. And VRAM is a crucial to show how little of PS4 power is being used still, and that it holds a looot of power for developers to make games on it for next years. For example X360 GPU memory was used in 100% after one year and less, with games like Oblivion. And it took next ~8 years to use the power of this console in 100% with games like GTA V. THAT'S ladies and gentelmen fact.

arkard1241d ago

Companies can "max" out the hardware very early on in a console life cycle. As optimization gets better, games will be abl to look better and run better while still "maxing" out the console.

RegorL1240d ago

Re: Maxing out hardware...

You should also always count ALL hardware available.
* GPU draw, render, ...
* CPU cores scalar
* Cache utilization (inlcuding eSRAM)
* Uncompressing move engines
* Memory bus transfer capacity
* Memory utilizaton (how much is used, how much was never touched recent frames)
* effective Hard drive transfer rate
* effective Blu-ray drive transfer rate

Looking at the PS4 you can see that it is built around the GPU and ITS GDDR5 memory (CPU cores are allowed to borrow some of this bandwidth but should really run as much as possible against data in cache)

MasterCornholio1241d ago

GTA Boss " And we will prove that at E3"



Khajiit861241d ago

You know they will blow us away. Cant wait.

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