X-Play All Access Video: Bioshock On PlayStation 3

X-Play talks to project lead Alyssa Finley about the upcoming port of Bioshock for the PlayStation 3.

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QueefyB3740d ago

as expected the playstaton 3 version is superior

Harry1903740d ago

I see you comment so much. Intriguingly the first time was in one of my previous submissions too. Ah nevermind.

QueefyB3740d ago

hahaha who is that cute baby in the picture i hope it is not silogon because he has matured into an ugly fellow

Harry1903740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Comparing me to Silogon is not very nice you know. Well,I don't consider that as positive at least. Don't get the wrong impression on what I am doing. I am just saying it's a strange coincidence to find you a second time while browsing through my submissions. I don't have any problems with you. We are in the open zone and you have the right to say whatever you want.

juuken3740d ago

You are adorable in that picture Harry. :3

QueefyB3739d ago

oh do not worry harry i thought you had a avatar mocking silogon because he is such a cry baby

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Mr_Showtime13740d ago

I'm gonna remember that quote, so in a few months time when all them videos start pouring in of video comparisons with the PS3 having messed up settings like it always does, I can proove those jackass' wrong with the devs own words

mistertwoturbo3739d ago

"PS3 having messed up settings like it always does"

What does that really mean? All I see are half-assed ports if that's what you're referring to.

But this one is actually in the hands of the developers themselves and are not being ported by another 3rd party company.

Mr_Showtime13739d ago

Not turning on full RGB or Superwhite, did you see the comparisons between Bad Company?, there is no way that the PS3 version is as washed out looking as they showed it.

QueefyB3740d ago

i wonder if bioshock 2 will be a ps3 exclusive does anyone know if the developers have returned there microwave devkits

QueefyB3740d ago

wow did you hear the senior programmer said the power of blu ray has helped enhance the hd resolution

QueefyB3740d ago

i think the power of cell will be the reason why the ps3 version scores better on multiple sites

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The story is too old to be commented.