Secret Splatoon Motion Controls Option Discovered For Battle Dojo Mode

A scientist from the Squid Research Lab has discovered a secret Splatoon motion controls option that players can use in Battle Dojo mode.

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marloc_x1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

I sense a fresh controller coming from Nintendo soon, a brilliant teaser if so!

ChronoJoe1241d ago

Why would anyone want this? The motion controls are clumsy, and at best, just slower and less functional than their button pressed counterparts.

It might be useful for getting younger players involved, but having the merely learn how to operate a normal controller wouldn't be the end of the world, and open them up to a much larger library of experiences in the long-run.

Mikito111241d ago

Motion controles work great! I've been playing shooters for many many years and this it works best for me.. Anyway you can turn them off so nice to have the option

N4g_null1241d ago

Did you know the mouse uses motion controls yet it is only on a 2d plane.... Did you know touch screens use motion controls also? Older player have been using this longer and only younger player are truly ok with stick based fps.

ChronoJoe1240d ago

So does an analogue stick technically, but we all know those inputs are not what we traditionally refer to as motion controls.

Splatoon is perhaps the easiest online shooter I have ever played, and I suspect a large part of that is because a lot of people use the sub-par motion controls. Most of my matches seem to end up with 10-15 kills, 0-3 deaths, and 80% map control. Either I am amazing or the motion controls just aren't good enough to stay competitive.

N4g_null1238d ago

No the controls are fine. I actually just started playing today online. I'm even trying and im winning. Yet once the ranked battles start, it will be on.They are different. I would rather full IR aiming though.

Analogue sticks are a few levels of control. Motion controls can have after touch controls, velocity controls, I get it analogue is what you are use to. The problem is it is not better. Mouse control with a keyboard is the gold standard.