UGO Live from E3: Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Impressions

UGO writes: "During a private Microsoft session at E3 we got to take an up-close look at the coming Dashboard update for Xbox 360 consoles. For those who aren't up on their lingo, the Dashboard is the set of front-end menus which load up whenever the 360 is turned on without a disc in the tray. Xbox Live general manager Marc Whitten was kind enough to walk us through the myriad changes which are meant to ensure a smoother, more accessible experience for gamers.

The most fundamental of the changes is the main Dashboard, which is now displayed as an animated graphical interface, with players scrolling through pages in a manner which apes task-switching's new look in Windows Vista. The Xbox Guide, which can be summoned at any time with a press of the silver and green Guide button located in the center of every 360 gamepad, has also been completely redesigned to be more navigable while providing users with the full functionality of the Dashboard proper. A Quick Launch option accessible from the Guide will also allow easy access to the content stored on the Xbox's hard drive at any time, whether you're playing a game, watching a movie or browsing the Marketplace."

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QueefyB3744d ago

excellent it still looks like another microsoft failure

QueefyB3744d ago

i think nintendo will be suing them any day now so i hope i will be first to post the news

QueefyB3744d ago

yuck you cant even change the height on the characters

Nitrowolf23744d ago

i dont like those avatars
it looks like they copied allot of Wii avatars, and a little bit of HOME

Bladestar3744d ago

HOME? what home? home is not even out... if Sony is yet to release home and microsoft finish first; how do you know if microsoft didn't start way before Sony on this? I mean Sony is still in the drawing board and Microsoft is practically done...

also let's not confuse the two things... mii do not do anything... avatars are just 3d characters that can be use in some games... so what did they copy.. that you can chance the physical appearance of the avatars? This was out there long time ago... The Sims, second life and a bunch of other games...

Can you name 1 or 2 things about Home and mii that has never being done? Seriously I want to know.. let me guess because it's on a GAMES CONSOLE? that makes it unique?

Most games have the ability to change the look of your character one way or another... Microsoft is just simply making that across all games...

You see... mii and home you can only use your characters within the area allowed... you have to login into Home to use your character... mii.. .. is just a waste of time.. tecnically you do nothing with it... xbox 360 avatars... will be used in games like Uno and a serious of games... not to mention in-game like the gamerpicture... something you will not do with home and miis.

Codeman4203744d ago

sony has already stated that Home will be released at the end of Q3 thats sept. if all goes to plan. MS wont be releasing this update till the end of fall. my guess it probibly before nov. 7 just in time for gears to come out.

toughNAME3744d ago

Oh great, yet another anti-PS3 article :@

Halochampian3744d ago

what are you talking about!?!?

REDZEV3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

when I was at E3 when they did their presentation for home, I was thinking they should of played "Home Sweet Home" from Motley Crue. it would of made things a little more pleasant than watching that disaster. Phil Harrison really screwed Sony over when he left. Complete Fail for Sony

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