EU PSN Video Store hack detailed

European has found a way to circumvent the region lock, and has posted video proof of movies downloading to a PS3 based in the UK. On Saturday a report was posted on gaming blog vgwatchdog that demonstrated how to access the service, with instructions on the rather involved process.

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Nitrowolf23794d ago

i can see sony releasing some sort of patch to fix this.
i find it unfair to the eroupe PS3 owners that they dont have the video store yet.

Expy3793d ago

Unfair would apply to every region except for the U.S. Although you have to realize that it's not entirely in Sony's hands whether or not they can release it or not at a specific time. It's better that some regions have it now rather than delay it so the others can get it as well. We know it's coming, we just have to wait.

AliC3793d ago

Yes it is, they claim it's down to regional problems, but if they really wanted to globalise the film store they should have made greater efforts earlier.

It's once again in a long line of screwups that Europe is left out of the loop.

Ben10543793d ago

Europeans getting treated bad again
overpriced stuff, games coming out late on disk and PSN, games not coming out at all on disk and in shops, the actual ps3 coming out 5months later here, dualshock 3 several months later..........(list goes on...)
And now were getting play TV while others arent everybody (americans) start to complain.

Sprudling3793d ago

This is called using a proxy. Hardly a hack.

AliC3793d ago

Using a proxy is what I though hardly a hack and hardly a security risk.

jpod3793d ago

haha, i thought the same thing. more of a work around.

ar3793d ago

Using a proxy isn't something new. Hardly any news and hardly a hack.
I also don't see how Sony are supposed to fix this. There is no way to know if the ip from the host connection to PS video store is from a PS3 or a proxy server.

Owner360-PS33793d ago

Way to go, now im sure sony will fix it for you.