Pongo Review I Hey Poor Player

Hey Poor Player's Jonathan Trussler writes - "The only thing fun about playing Pongo was thinking about how scathing my review of the game would be, as if I was some sort of insurgent plotting a terrible revenge against a hateful occupying force. Francis Dipersio, HeyPoorPlayer’s founding patriarch, is a truly kind-hearted, warm and understanding person: a quintessential family man. I’m sure that it was only saintly ignorance that led him to assign me this game to review. You see, there are bad games that are bad because they’re offensively stupid or have hilariously over-the-top glitches. They’re bad, but in some sort of remarkable way. Then there are games that are just so utterly lifeless, they just make you feel numb playing them, and time seems to stretch on into eternity. I have been to Pongo’s pastel coloured purgatory.

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