How to Become a Better Gwent Player

Learn how to build a strong starter deck, when you should fold, and what each deck’s power is with this complete guide to Gwent.

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dumahim1291d ago

Spies and decoys are what really helped me. When they play a spy on me, I can plop down a decoy to pick it up and turn the tables and get two cards myself. If there's no spies for me to pick up, I can throw my own out there and tank the first round and use decoys to pick up my own I want to play in the next round or rely on a medic to pick them up. Great thing is, if I still have some decoys left, I can pick up my medic to use the ability again.

Once I got some more spies, decoy cards, and a couple heroes, I almost never lose.

DEEBO1291d ago

You have to make a good deck or you will always lose.

Sometimes when I win NPC'S look like they gave me push like they are mad.

SJPFTW1291d ago

I like playing all the spies in my hand on the first round and let the AI take that round. Then I win the next 2 due to sheer brute force.

Big_Game_Hunters1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Keep two freezes in your deck and use them on the spies, don't let the ai take the first round as the north because it will give you +1 card advantage if you win the first round.

keep a few weak cards because the AI tends to pass the first round once they are a a good 15 or so points ahead. If you can bait that by playing low power cards up until he passes, then use the freeze it usually becomes an easy first round with a alot of bonus cards.

stavrami1291d ago

Gwent is king I basically bought a card game that has a witcher 3 add-on. I should really get back to the story