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Splatoon is a unique and fun game that easily earns its place in the Wii U’s list of top games. However, a couple of patches and DLC can truly unlock this game’s potential and turn it into an all round winner.

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superchiller1290d ago

From the review: "This brings up the expected downfall of Splatoon: Nintendo’s lack of experience (understanding?) in online multiplayer games.There’s no way to play custom matches, jump in and out of games or quickly change weapon loadouts during matches. More importantly there’s no way to communicate with your teammates and it’s a bit of a hassle to get a game started. The overhead online experience is archaic compared to what we’ve come to expect from modern online games and is a serious burden on what could have been an excellent game."

Very poor online features for a game that is essentially online-only. This game didn't even deserve a 6 based on how little it offers, and it certainly isn't worth close to $60 at launch (or even $40 for that matter). I think the sales will bear that out, this will most likely sell under a million copies over its lifetime, and I'd be surprised if it even came close to Bayonetta 2 (which sold 670k worldwide and is a much, much better game).

marloc_x1290d ago

Not suprised that you are crawling around the lowest score..

Looking forward to the growing content for Splatoon in the coming weeks Nintendo :)