Pokemon Platinum Trailer

How much do you like Pokemans? Technically, this video is a new trailer for Pokémon Platinum, and thus should have wide appeal, since almost everyone loves Pokémon.

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cloudman3794d ago

i used to love pokemon

then i dsicoered Final Fantasy

Kami3793d ago

i use to like ff then i discovered pokemon. real story

name3794d ago

I've been playing pokemon emarald on a gba emulator recently just to bring back pokemon memories. It'll always be remembered to me for being my first rpg. I haven't played any of the DS ones though.

decapitator3793d ago

Same sh!t, different year. Am there day one though...:(

Bnet3433793d ago

I feel sorry for you if Pokemon Emerald was your first RPG.

Nitrowolf23794d ago

i hope that pokemon in front is not the only legendary pokemon in the game. Ya he probaly plays a big role but i was hoping it would be thta arues pokemon or something, you can capture this pokemon in damond and pearl

IzKyD13313793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

whats the point of buying a pokemon game when a year later, there gonna make a better version for the same cost.....pokemon emerald is 2 ts better than ruby or sapphire

Nitrowolf23793d ago

so true
only leaf green and firered didnt have a 3rd version
i was expecting a new one that is water something.
saphire/ruby= emerald
gold/silver= crystal
blue/red= Yellow?
diamond/pearl= platinum

ZombieNinjaPanda3793d ago

You abused the game boy series.

Now it's time to make a pokemon we all want. Make it all 3d like colloseum and stadium. We train our pokemon.

But when we battle, we physically control our pokemon. Wanna do a thunderbolt? Press a to jump in the air then b to use thunderbolt.

Wanna fly? keep hold of a all the time.

This would be the ideal pokemon.

Nitrowolf23793d ago

agree i would so buy that
i wanted this for a long time
i also want super smash for DS

poopsack3793d ago

this is what I have also always thought of, and so the player doesnt feel out of the trainers perspective, it is done as if each button press is a command, so in the back you here the trainer saying thunderbolt on the b press, guard on the z press and so on.

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