Versus - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt vs. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Can't get enough of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? If so, you're most likely not the only one. With CD Projekt RED's RPG living up to the hype, it's time we matched it up against another "big" RPG released this year, and that's Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Mr Lahey1239d ago

Well i think it's very close.

bloop1239d ago

I clocked 100 hours on Dragon Age just finishing it last night. Thought it was fantastic. My only problem was I'd levelled up so much before I decided to take on the Dragons and the final mission that it was piss easy. That was my only problem with the game. I think enemies should've levelled with your character. Overall though, great game.
Just wondering now, as I'm still getting through my backlog, do I jump straight into the Witcher or go for Bloodborne first?? Still haven't gotten around to getting BB yet.

Bigpappy1239d ago

I am a straight up and down heterosexual, and have played all DA games. Never was offended by its content. They don't force relationships on you. I you don't choose that path, it doesn't exist.

With that out of the way, I am currently playing DA:I, and it's an excellent RPG.

reynod1239d ago

Dragon age origins was an awesome game my goty for 2009 This is the PC version i am refering to. On console it was a dumbed down hack and slash. Da2 and da3 were worse i hated both of them not real da games at all. Rather just made to suit the wider audience.

Dragon age was awesome when designed around Pc gaming. After which the franchise was ruined should be relabelled dragon effect.

Now witcher is a PC franchise. Witcher 3 seems really good for now. How quickly the witcher franchise gets run into the ground to favor the wider audience after going console is anyones guess. sorry for the rant this just happens to any PC franchise that makes it to console.

kraenk121239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Must be kidding. There is no contest. I wish DAI was anywhere close. Origins was closer at least. The writing and huge but empty feeling world with endless fetch quests simply pales compared to The Witcher 3.

breakpad1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

for some reason none of them doesnt appeal to me (Dragon Age is very poor artistically and in gameplay mechanics..Witcher 3 forces you to play with one not very likeable imo protagonist, with not deep RPG mechanics)...but if it was to choose one is Witcher 3 by far ...the Dragon Age I is promoting and is haunted by all things i hate in contemporary gaming (lame trend agendas , boring , artless , 0 substance , 0 difficutly- challenge, poor gameplay mechanics, 0 immersion)

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wakeNbake1239d ago

The Witcher 3 outclasses Inqisition in every possible metric you could judge a videogame minus the socialist BS Bioware loves to shoehorn into their games.

SJPFTW1239d ago

"socialist BS"

LOL easy there Rick Santorum.

Mr Lahey1239d ago

Well, i like socialist bs too so..

cogniveritas1239d ago

Another general misuse of the word socialist (unless referring to in game economic systems and ownership it's 100% capitalism). Dragon Age's random team banter is at least amusing. Witcher 3 is far more serious.

DougLord1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

You are right. Dragon Age by a MILE. I want to create my own character and live my own plot - not play a prefabricated NPC. Dragon Age is one of the greatest RPGs since Balders Gate. I don't want to dodge and role and use a sword. I don't want to pick herbs and make potions. I want to fling fireballs and summon minions.

ftwrthtx1239d ago

Why argue? get them both.

Revolt131239d ago

No competition...

TW3 for the win.

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