Should we accept that downgrades are a part of games development?

The Witcher 3 was the latest in a long line of games to fall victim of the 'performance downgrade'. CD Projekt RED claimed that this is an 'inevitable' part of games development. Should we as gamers simply accept this?

In this opinion piece, Gamespresso's Steve provides his thoughts.

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bunt-custardly1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

No, developers/publishers should stop the shady practice of showing preview footage/gameplays/target renders that don't represent the finished product.

I think it would be better for an audience to be surprised at a game which looked better than what was initially shown when released than one that is downgraded.

mattritchiegspresso1335d ago

Good shout. Have you seen the gameplay reveal for Assassin's Creed Syndicate? To me it looked pretty sloppy, so either it releases that way and no-one lifts a finger or it will look better at launch and we're all pleasantly surprised.

bunt-custardly1335d ago

I was actually surprised at the sloppiness of the reveal gameplay to the point I felt it was rushed out to hit the deadline.

At least no hearts will be broken when the game looks like the reveal footage when released or as I said improves.

Spotie1334d ago

Or, you know... just stop thinking of a target render or CGI trailer as being representative of a product that won't be finished for months.

MysticStrummer1334d ago

That's far too reasonable for today's gamer to wrap their head around.

starchild1334d ago

I've never considered trailers of games in development to be a "promise" and honestly I'm a little shocked to see some people acting like that. I've been gaming since the mid 80s and it was always understood in the gaming community that trailers, especially early trailers, may look different than the final release.

Games in development go through changes, that much is obvious. Some of those changes may be perceived negatively by some people, but all changes are made to make the game better as a whole.

n4rc1334d ago

and why do the burgers on the McDs menu look way better then what you get?

its not even downgraded... the trailer is simply polished up and post processed all to hell to make it look as good as possible.. thats marketing..

is it shady? well... kind of but not really... its common knowledge (i cant recall ever hearing someone at mcdonalds complain their burger looks nothing like the picture)

bunt-custardly1334d ago

Last I heard you don't buy food for its looks but rather its taste.

Psychotica1334d ago

So you don't think those pictures on the McDonald's menu are meant to entice? They are just informative I am sure...

leogets1334d ago

I think its not guna change. What we should do is when we see something sik just put it in ya mind of that is what it should look like on a 4 grand pc with mods