10 Well-Known Gaming ‘Facts’ That Are Actually Bulls**t

WC: These days everything appears online at some point, and for better or worse that’s enables gamers to stay up to date with any given title’s creation alongside the development team – as well as letting intrepid fact-finders delve into the history of the medium to debunk plenty of ‘facts’ that used to be thought of as concrete.

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-Foxtrot1238d ago

"There Are More Male Gamers Than Female"

Take away all the mobile and shovelware crap and I'm pretty sure you'll see that's true.

ameliabaz1238d ago

Nobody will convince me blowing into a cartridge doesn't work.

Relientk771238d ago

It totally does work. Made tons of my Atari and Genesis games work

XisThatKid1238d ago

seriously I had games that specificly din't work until you blow on them. All my NES games used to whistle when i did that