Throwdown Ep. 37 – “Land of the Setting Sun”

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"The Japanese helped to save the video game industry in the mid 1980s. After the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System, and for more than a decade afterward, Japan was the undisputed king of video games. No other countries, despite their efforts, could hope to touch Japanese game design and innovation.

After the early to mid 2000s however, things changed. Western studios became the new darlings of the gaming industry and initiated many of the revolutions and innovations that we enjoy today. During all of this, Japanese gaming’s influenced has severely declined and the former rulers no longer dominated the industry as they once did.

Why has this happened? This question is the basis for our main topic. What made Japan the giants of gaming that they once were and why have they become a mere shell of what they used to be? What can Japan do in order to become relevant again in the eyes of the gaming community? We tackle these questions and more.

Also on this episode: The Witcher 3 impressions, Ultra Street Fighter IV being buggy on PS4, Resident Evil 0 HD, PS Vita becoming a 'legacy' system, and Sony admitting PlayStation first party lineup is 'sparse' this fall."

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matthewbatb1290d ago

What a great episode. Keep it up, fellas!

Venomousfatman1290d ago

Ultra SF4 is a terrible port. Very embarrassing on Capcom's part. Worse than 343 did with Halo MCC.