Phil Spencer “Feeling Great” About Xbox’s E3 Conference; First Party Studios to Play a “Big Role”

E3 is coming fast, and today Microsoft’s Xbox division head Phil Spencer did a bit of teasing about what you’re going to see from the house of Xbox One at the biggest show of the year.


Updated with more info about Gamescom, Halo 5 and more.

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christocolus1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

"This is usually the point in a gen where you see some exciting new things."

Awesome. 17 days more. more interesting tweets below

"Fer Nuñez ‏@FN_182
@XboxP3 how's halo 5 campaign doing?

Phil Spencer‏@XboxP3
@FN_182 Was over at 343 visiting @JoshingtonState playing, team is doing a great job polishing the game. Nice additions to the campaign.

"Roland Deschain ‏@Nexus_Revo
@XboxP3 Hey Phil, any chance that we will be able to broadcast party chat while streaming on Twitch? Thanks and best of luck at E3

Phil Spencer‏@XboxP3
@Nexus_Revo It's a feature people have asked about, we are looking at what it would take to implement."

StrayaKNT1242d ago

Can't wait. It's going to be a great e3 :)

christocolus1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

"We should have as much new content at Gamescom as we will at E3."......Phil Spencer

I'm so happy about Phil going all 1st party. I really want to know what game Decisive games is working on.

raWfodog1242d ago

Very excited to see what they all bring to the table this year.

ABizzel11242d ago

They should be happy, they have a great showing for their fans already. However, the majority of their first party games are already known since they only have 9 studios two of which have 2 teams so 11 XBO teams.

If they plan on having more exclusives then it's going to be 2nd party (most of which will probably XBLA games, with the exception of a couple), or another big 3rd party exclusive.

They also have 9 Kinect / HoloLens / Mobile teams, so we might be seeing HoloLens,

E3 should be good for them.

BattleAxe1242d ago

I'm thinking about taking the day off to enjoy Microsoft's E3 conference. They're really beginning to hit their stride.

Docknoss1241d ago

I'm loving all these disagree's, everyone's getting from Sony Fanboys

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OpieWinston1242d ago

And the TR FB page just posted something about June 1st Rise of the Tomb Raider so we could get a "First Look" before E3 to get people hyped.

christocolus1242d ago

Nice. we will probably see something before E3 then.

Fin_The_Human1242d ago

Man the hype train is killing me.

I don't own an XB1 yet but if Banjo is announced I will run to the nearest Walmart and buy one.

Fin_The_Human1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Also rumor has it that MS has secured a 1 year exclusive for Fall Out 4...if true this can be a game changer for MS.

Why the disagrees, its just a rumor.

Also I wonder if this is what Phil meant when he told XBOx fans that he will make amends for Street Fighter not coming to XBox.

raWfodog1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

I agree that would be a big advantage for Microsoft and would go a long way to drastically improving their position, here in the U.S. at least.

Edit: But they'd have to give Bethesda a HUGE amount of money to get them to disregard the number of PS4's out there.

aragon1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )


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DarkOcelet1242d ago

Forza 6 gameplay

Halo 5 singe player gameplay

Gears IV trailer

Fable Legends gameplay

I wonder if we will see another IP from their first party. I hope its either RPG or Horror.

ChronoSloth1242d ago

I think this will definitely be their AAA line-up. Hope they can fill the gaps with promising indies or surprise announcements.

marlinfan101242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

2 new rare games also

I'm sure we'll see atleast one of them

javauns1242d ago

Its funny you have that pic as ur avatar cause rumor has it ms is buying the new silent hill which is why P.T Demo was taken off PS store, as a sign to microsoft of good faith. wouldn't that be something. lol.

Nosred1242d ago

Gears of War 4
Fable legends
Tomb Raider
Gears of War remaster
Quantum Break
Forza Motorsport 6
Halo 5: Guardians
Rare new ip
Phantom Dust
Killer Instinct sn3
A new RTS
Super Hot
Elite Dangerous
Blues and Bullets
World of Tanks
Alan Wake Rumored
Undead Labs New IP
Twisted Pixel New IP
Lift london New IP
Press Play Mew IP
New Dash & DX12

Phil is really a great leader.

dancerOfDeath1242d ago

Big ups for Gigantic reference. I hope they give us a release date and/or open a beta up at E3. Been loving SMITE, but GIGANTIC looks even better.

OpieWinston1242d ago

Undead Labs new IP is Moonrise and it's Mobile... They've already said State of Decay is going to be a franchise so they'll be focusing on building on that IP.
Just wanted to point that out.

1242d ago
Outthink_The_Room1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Forgot Joe Montana Football and Battletoads.

I think the Rare segment should open with a minute teaser of Battletoads (old school 2D beat em' up), then end with the Rare logo on screen by itself.

And since it's Rare's 30th Anniversary this year I think, they should then transition into a short montage of all their past games...

...then get to the new IP.

To me, that's how Rare should be re-introduced to the gaming world. And the new IP should be a mixture of every IP they have. Battletoads, Conker, Banjo, Joanna, Viva, Kameo..etc.. And they should all be in the game together and call it, "A Rare World".

The End.

lemoncake1242d ago

Huge list of exclusives, going to be another great gaming lineup this holiday season for the xbox.

Fin_The_Human1242d ago

No Banjo 3 on that list makes me a sad panda.

christocolus1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )


Decisive games, Mohjang/Tell tale games and LXP are also working on a new stuff. They should be on that list.

Nosred1242d ago

I agree that lacked some games and dev but only with this list shows how the Xbox will come strong in these fairs and in 2016 forward.

Thank to everyone.

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Fireseed1242d ago

As long as I see KI Season 3 we're good.

StrayaKNT1242d ago

I will be over the moon. Aria came out Today and she is so fun to use but what is even better is cinders retro costume and accessories.

Fireseed1242d ago

Yup! Loving Shadows mode though, already have my Spinal shadow in the top 5.

green1242d ago

Looking forward to seeing Forza 6. I wan't to know if they can really raise the bar higher than games like Progect Cars.

Scalebound is another highly anticipated game. I do not know much about it but it seems like it would be excellent.

E3 overall, my most anticipated game is Mass Effect 4. Can't wait for the reveal trailer.

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