Earth Defense Force X (360) coming to North America!

Japanese publisher D3 has been furiously churning out titles in its Simple 2000 budget series for a long time now. While the majority of the games are considered to be pretty poor, every once in awhile a gem comes along. Such was the case with their second Chikyuu Boueigun title for PS2, which was actually developed by Sandlot, the studio responsible for Robotic Alchemic Drive and the recently released Chou Soujuu Mecha MG for DS. Earth Defense Force 2, as it's called in English, became a huge hit with importers, because despite its low price and budget, it contained a high amount of genuine fun. That fun came in the form of defending the earth against swarms of giant bugs, either as a one-man line of defense or with a co-op partner. Like a cheesy fun B-rated sci-fi movie, really.

Fast-forward to today. The third EDF title will be released in Japan in one week on the Xbox 360. It recently received a solid 30/40 from Famitsu, and once again, there are a lot of people looking to import it.

Well, it looks like that won't be necessary. The North American branch of D3 has announced that it will be publishing EDF 3 here in spring 2007, under the title Earth Defense Force X. No word yet on whether it will be a budget release or a full-priced game.

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I can not wait to rent this games.