Slightly Mad Hopes and Integrity U-turns

Slightly Mad Studios has made some public statements recently that have made Wii U owners, well…slightly mad. Unfortunately their claims don’t seem to hold much water. Ricard Julianti returns to PlayerEssence to do what he does best, get straight to the facts.

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Neonridr1236d ago

good read. It definitely exposes some flaws and loopholes in Slightly Mad's version of the "truth"

DoggyBiscuit1235d ago

Slightly Mad got Wii U Owners extremely mad

gamerfan09091235d ago

Two people are to blame for this. Firstly, the Wiiu simply cannot handle current gen games. That's just a fact. Nintendo making hardware like this and releasing it when they did was a joke and all of the bad hardware decisions are now catching up to them. Anyone thinking these devs are going to get next gen graphics on the Wiiu to work are delusional and if you think they're going to work to code for it you're delusional.

But here's where Slightly Mad is full of crap. People funded this game for the Wiiu and to even hint at the game never coming out is bull crap. Again after all of these delays and years of hands on time with the machine you're telling me you couldn't get a dumbed down port to run at 720P 30FPS? This is the problem with game devs these days. I'm sorry but if you delay your game multiple times or even once you better be optimizing until that thing is released. What have they been doing all of this time with the Wiiu build?

Both parties are to blame. Nintendo has to receive the biggest blame because they released a console that has last gen technology in it and it's hard to develop for it. And Slightly Mad is to blame for this since they took peoples kickstarter money and had YEARS to optimize this game for the Wiiu and to even notion that this game won't come out for the system is bull. I hope everyone that pledged for the Wiiu gets their money back.

EliteGameKnight1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

The problem is that they're trying to put current gen graphics on the Wii U, when they could easily capitalize on the cheaper development to make games that works better with the majority of its fandom. Remember Rayman Legends? That game had suffered a boycott on Wii U and still sold best on the system at launch. It fit with what many Nintendo fans like in a game: cartoony, heavily stylized, clever; and it certainly helped that it was a platformer.

Instead of making games that would work for the systems fandom, they try to shovel in their big hitters that were really only made with PC/PS4/XBO in mind. It's like making a cake to give to a buddy for their birthday, with it specially adorned with decorations highlighting past moments together, then giving it to the older guy sitting in the corner drawing schematics for a new way to use a wheel.

Developers could easily make more money at a cheaper development cost if they dedicated a team to work on Wii U titles, for AAA companies this isn't that hard, they have massive teams, and Wii U has a lot of indie support. I would love to see my favorite console do well, but this proposed idea will probably never come to pass.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1235d ago

can't handle current gen games when said current gen games
never once got developed on Wii U to even determine whether or not said game can run.

Plus the Wii U is actually powerful not as strong as PS4 and Xbox One but when developers take the time to craft their games on Wii U using the different methods to get the right result you get people like Shi'nen who creates visually amazing games.

Monoloth Soft, Retro Studio and Nintendo EAD main group bring out amazing looking games.

Not to mention Fatal Frame V and Bayonetta 2.

Developers today no longer care about developer games according to the system capabilities.

They only care about shoving the same game across the platforms the said games supports.

What happen to the folks during the Genesis and SNES days.

iplay1up21235d ago

Common man really? The PC and Wii U versions of the game were started OVER A YEAR before XB1/PS4. They knew the specs of the Wii U 3 years ago. The Wii U according to them 2 years ago had plenty of power and was an awesome system.

Did you even read the links in the article that show them absolutely on board and praising the Wii U? Its right there in black and white.

What has been said multiple times and has been done, can not be undone.

It is to the point where Wii U backers are talking lawsuit, and I think they would win.

MSBAUSTX1235d ago

Agreed! I have been posting this relugiously to prove that Slightly mad is the new Ubisoft. They just start their Ubiness with their very first game.

dark-kyon1235d ago

Is hylarius what they can't make the game run at 720p 30fps in wii u,gran turismo 6 run a 1440x1080 at 60fps in ps3,is clear what the gamecube upgraded cpu what wii u have is the principal factor,but even with the weak cpu,they must can make the game playable removing some things how physics,i think what they only want to get away with not make this version why they believe what can.

herbs1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Your Gran Turismo comparison isn't really fair because Polyphony is a Sony first party studio with immense funding dedicated to working on Sony hardware. The Wii U is underpowered no doubt about it but the reality is Slightly Mad could limit the amount of cars on track to 10 or 12 (like the majority of racing games) instead of up to 40 and the game would run smooth as butter. I guess that solution just isn't part of their vision sadly.

dark-kyon1235d ago

Fine,but you know what the ps4,xbox one version of the game also lack some things what the pc version have,so they removed some thing to get the game run in consoles what going to sell and make money for them,but for wii u they don't want to make sacrifices,very convenient.

Qrphe1235d ago

I have to agree with this. Not only is Plophony 1st party, has a tremendous budget but they also have a say of what they want on the hardware while it's being developed. Slightly Mad is way smaller and has very tight budget constraints. Their 720p30fps goal was definitely realistic but they clearly some mistakes that led them here. Also don't be shocked when GT7 leaves CARS in the dust.

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