New Xbox One controller with 3.5mm jack revealed

Dubbed ‘Covert Forces’ the new controller features a 3.5mm jack and a new paint job.


Please note that the previous information regarding improvements to the controller have been removed from the article until we get further clarification.

Chances are, this is simply a controller with a new 3.5mm jack and the obvious colour scheme.

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Moldiver1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Nice. I have the blue "midnight forces" version. May pick up this one to add to my collection ( I also have the white pad and the COD:AW pad came with my 1TB console). It will make for a nice back up...or a lil custom SCUf love. Im having visions of stealth grey and black buttons with red start/ menus buttons and red illuminious X.

EDIT: Plus this one matches the colour scheme of my COD:AW edition console nicely :)

Crazyglues1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I like your vision, I just wish it was like a soft rubber texture, so that same design it has right now, just with a rubber feel, that would have been awesome...IMO

-But yeah, I like it... Looks nice


I know exactly what you mean and I actually did got that on a PS4 controller by applying a single coat of black plati-dip over it. A single coat will not give proper cover (which is why I used black, to match the background color, if your XB1 controller is not black, try using a matching color) but will be enough to give you a textured feel.

I eventually removed it (it grips way too much, as you move your fingers around, it feels like your hands are stucked at it for a split second, but maybe that's exactly what you want by rubber texture) and started to come off by itself as it was just one coat (you need more coats to make a proper rubber skin). But it's ok, any of those spray-on rubber things come off like a skin, even if you end up loving it and decide to apply 4 coats for a more definitive solution, all you gotta do is grab it by an edge and peel it if you want to change colors or for any other reason remove it.

SniperControl1264d ago

Sorry guys, little of topic, i hear there is a new controller update, but for the life of me i cant find how to do it on my X1, any help?

Septic1263d ago


Connect your controller to the console via mini usb and it should prompt an update

BallsEye1264d ago

Damn it.. I want one but already got 6 controllers -.-...3 per xbox. Arrgghhh too many cool stuff to buy...

xer01264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

lol - they just keep on copying Sony.
Did they add a rechargeable battery pack yet?

CorndogBurglar1264d ago

Actually, the Xbox 360 controller had a 3.5mm jack for its headphones back when the PS3 didn't even exist yet.

So if anything, Sony copied MS when they added the jack to their controllers. Although, saying this is "copying" anyone is stupid as its a very logical design choice. Its easy to think that both companies could have had the same idea.

But only the petty fanboys would even make this stupid argument to begin with.

Gaming_Guru1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Yes the headset jack for the XBOX 360 was is on the controller but you could only use the proprietary headsets. While every PlayStation with a headset feature could use any headset with a USB but now the PS4 can use a USB or a 3.5 mm jack.

There are no USB ports on the front of the XBOX ONE to even charge the console with making things inconvenient if you use the back USB's.

mozzie1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

@gaming_guru actually there is a usb 3.0 port on the left side of the xbox one. anyway you can use every power outlet if you've got a phone charger.

@xer0 the difference between the xbox one controller an the DS4 is that with xbox you've got the choice between a rechargable battery or disposable AA batteries. the official play and charge kit lasts up to 30 hours of playing! the AAs last even longer if you use expensive ones like duracell. How long does your DS4 last?

jrshankill1264d ago


I would actually study the console before trying to sound like a smartass. 3.0 USB port on the left of the console.

Trekster_Gamer1264d ago

Copying an inferior controller yeah right...
If you are referring to the headphone jack well that's been around since at least the days of the 3DO ...

u4one1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

MS have had an x1 rechargeable lipo battery pack since launch and it lasts longer than the ds4 by a lot. and the beautiful thing is that if it eventually craps out, you can just go buy another one for $20 instead of having to replace the entire controller.

i definitely prefer the x1 controller over the ds4 too considering I'm now on my 3rd ds4 controller because the quality sucks and the battery sucks even more.

i also think having pulse motors in the triggers is better and more functional than having a touchpad that no one does anything with except use as a comically large button in most cases - or divide into two smaller large buttons. mostly useless and doesn't really add much.

i also hate that even on the dim setting i can still see the almost completely useless led light in the back of the controller reflecting off my tv in dim lighting. distracting.

i still have my original x1 controller with the original charge kit and its still outpacing the ds4 in build quality and charge a year and some change later. I actually said at one point I would pay more money for a better built ds4 with a better battery because that would still be better than having to deal with replacements and wearing out too fast.


USB in front on the left side of the console under the eject button. haters should educate before they hate. http://cdn2.mos.techradar.f...

Moldiver1263d ago


I agree with you about the battery packs. Also, being detachable, means that when it dies you dont have to replace the whole controller.People seem to overlook this now, but soon there will be a lot of perfectly fine DS4s with dead batteries in them. thats a pretty expensive alternative to just replacing a dead rechargeable battery.

Highlife1263d ago

Still have my original dual shock 3 controller the battery is just fine. Never had to buy new batteries. You xbots are freaking nuts. Your controller cost money then you have to spend money on batteries or a battery pack more money. My dual shock 4 will be the same the cost of the controller will only be the cost of the controller. Play a couple hours plug in when done boom ready for next time. You guys love to pay for extras. How was the adapter for headsets. Now you have to buy a new controller if you want it without.

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Abash1264d ago

I hope the 3.5mm jack is added to the solid black controllers, not really a fan of the design of this one

holysmokesbatman1264d ago

After this month all production models will have the 3.5 jack as standard, so yep.

FarEastOrient1264d ago

This is the controller it should've been at launch. Does Gamestop accept the dumb $25 adapter for trade in?

TheCommentator1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )


Why would you trade that in? It has all the controls at your fingertips instead of a stupid lanyard-style dongle. What are you gonna get anyways, $5 towards a $60 controller? I can't help but feel like you're stealth trolling with a name like that...

ReBurn1264d ago

I'm glad I waited to pick up a second Xbone controller.

umair_s511264d ago

Seems like it has internal batteries, and improved D-pad too

Xaphy1264d ago

Where did you see the internal batteries thing?

Hellsvacancy1264d ago


Reading isn't a new concept "Delivery: Wireless Controller and (2x) AA batteries"

Xaphy1264d ago

But where is it confirmed that they are internal? They could be 2 batteries coming inside the box

umair_s511264d ago

Says in the article:

The controller has internal batteries unlike the current models which rely on external AA batteries.

marlinfan101264d ago

It says it's compatible with the play and charge kit so I doubt there's internal batteries

umair_s511264d ago

I dont know just quoting this article

TheCommentator1264d ago


2AA batteries = internal? All controllers come with 2AAs in the box, lol. Reading isn't the difficult part, it's comprehension. Xaphy knows how to do both. ;)

darthv721264d ago

@umair... "The controller has internal batteries unlike the current models which rely on external AA batteries."

The 360 used "external" batteries. i.e the battery pack. The XB1 has always used "internal" batteries. i.e. the batteries fit inside the controller.

Nothing changed.

umair_s511264d ago

@TheCommentator @darthv72 It says & I quote -

" internal batteries unlike the current models "

TheCommentator1264d ago

You do realize the article was updated before my first post. How you can get agrees when your quote doesn't exist any more is beyond me. The only difference is the 3.5mm jack.

umair_s511264d ago

@TheCommentator Do you know what you are saying mate ?

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Umbasa1264d ago


Cause moving the wire ever so slightly causes the sound to crack and pop, i am glad it works but they made that thing shoty as hell.

BlackPhillip6661264d ago

I was hoping for paddles tbh similar to the scuf :)

ScorpiusX1264d ago

I think I need two more controller's, this look good . A shopping we will go.

Hellsvacancy1264d ago

Does it not even come with a free wired headset?

Dread1264d ago

did not know it was standard for controllers to include headsets.

Do playstation and wii controllers include headsets?

Nitrowolf21264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

The ps4 does, though it's not exactly what I call a real headset, none the less still functions

My wii u didn't one with one, but I think there's a built in mic?? Inot sure on that

Septic1264d ago

The PS4 does have one but it resembles a showlace more than a proper headset. Its terrible. But its better than nothing.

Nitrowolf21264d ago

sorry I miss read the comments I don't think the actual controllers, with the headset I was thinking about the full console

reallyNow1264d ago

whats a showlace? at any rate, the speaker is sort of uncomfortable, otherwise it works just fine for a free, included headset. i use the headset that came with my phone, works fantastic, stereo sound. free.

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andibandit1264d ago

No the Xbox one controllers dont come with a wired headset, but then again for the 20$ price difference(in denmark at least), Im sure you can find a wired headset of roughly equal quality.