Konami apologizes for causing anxiety, says it's not giving up on consoles, PC

Konami apologized to fans today for causing anxiety about its games and how they do business, in a letter sent to Polygon. In it, the company explains when and why the company underwent a major structural reorganization and that consoles remain an important part of its future.

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FarEastOrient1291d ago

Actions speak louder than words. Your grave yard is vast and growing. :( RIP: Suikoden, Contra, Dance Dance Revolution, Silent Hill, etc.

ajax171291d ago

If that were true we'd still have Silent Hills to look forward to.

Cy1291d ago

"We still believe in consoles...getting ports of the mobile games we're going to be making from now on."

Nyxus1291d ago

Kojima's rumored departure is probably true. Not sure about the future of MGS without him.

DarkOcelet1291d ago

Free to play on Mobile and tons of microtransactions.

Want to buy the Tux? 2.99$
Want the Stealth Bandana? 4.99$
Want the infinite ammo bandana? 4.99$
Want to speak to more character on the codec? Buy the codec pack for 9.99$

Nyxus1291d ago

And even if they continue to make real installments for the consoles, I doubt they will live up to the quality of Kojima's games.