UGO Impressions from E3: The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

UGO writes: "Last year Atari published The Witcher, an action RPG for the PC that was based on a series of books by the Polish author, Andrzej Sapkowski. The insanely popular novels made their video game debut to a somewhat lukewarm reception. Despite the fact that the game received a number of "RPG of the Year" nods for its moral system that saved the outcomes of players choices until hours later in the game, many discounted the title due to a number of flaws inherent to its design. Surprisingly enough, CD Projekt, the developers behind the title, have actually gone back and fixed nearly all the issues that players and journalists felt needed to be addressed, all while increasing the game's load times by 80%.

What's the best part about this? The game's re-release is free to any owners of the original game."

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