The Beauty of DRIVECLUB

We take a look at DRIVECLUB, a racer that continually gives more reasons to stay with the race.

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Pastorfuzz1263d ago

I've been waiting to get this. I saw the early reviews saying the game had problems. Is it all good now?

Ron_Danger1263d ago

It's been all good for months. Get the season pass, it'll basically quadruple the size of the game instantly.

fei-hung1263d ago


Best Season Pass ever. Not only did they say before the game released what we will get, but as you said, the amount of content from cars, to liveries, trophies and tour modes has made the Season Pass the only one I can think off, where the content far out weighs the price of the Season Pass, which is a very rare thing if at all a thing.

GameSpawn1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I'm pretty sure the season pass was 25% of the final retail value (aka 75% off) of all the content.

If you are able to get the game for $20-30 (or whatever other equivalent in your local currency) with the season pass you'll be getting one hell of a deal well under the original launch price. For the amount of content, even if you bought it at the original launch price with the pass it is still a great deal.

MrDead1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

It plays as good as it looks, if you want an very indepth review that covers everything the game has to offer read this

Team VVV are car game nuts.

fei-hung1263d ago

I bought it at launch and even then the reviews didn't do the game justice. This game is possibly the best arcade racer this gen with the best graphics, sound and weather.

If you liked Grid, Project Gotham Racing, Metropolis Street Racer, then this game is a must buy!

Magicite1263d ago

best racing game of this gen in respective genre.

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ilikepizza1263d ago

this game has been a dud since it released last october,this site still posts 2 driveclub articles a day. is the track count over 20 yet? are the car counts over 100? Does it offer import cars? Is the a.i still very dumb and basically does what ever is needed to stay on the line including hitting you cause you to get a penalty? All these updates but nothing for the people who got psn based on getting this game for free. f driveclub.

Spotie1263d ago

WHO got PS+(not PSN, not PSN+) specifically and ONLY for this game?

MysticStrummer1263d ago

"this game has been a dud since it released last october"

False. No need to read further.

Aceman181263d ago

That's why you have one bubble lol. Nobody listen to him this game is great and very fun to play.

WizzroSupreme1263d ago

It's sure beautiful, but does it run online now? Haven't touched it in months.

Spotie1263d ago You submitted this article.

At what point do people realize you're just trolling this game? When will people open their damn eyes?

iceman061263d ago

The game runs perfectly online, aside from the times where a patch is up and the severs are go down for that (which has only been a couple times in the last 3 months).

spence524901263d ago

I recently went back to this to break up the monotony of PCars on the PC. Online is still a crash fest. Needless to say I don't feel like it has improved or matured as a legit racing game.

iceman061263d ago

It was never meant to be "legit" in comparison to the likes of Forza, Project Cars, or Gran Turismo (i.e. a sim). It's was always supposed to be more of an arcade experience with slightly tuned driving physics.

spence524901259d ago

I didn't compare it to any of those games and I never said it was supposed to be like them. My opinion would be the same if it was the only racing game on the planet. It does somethings right but a lot of things wrong.

iceman061259d ago

This wasn't an attack on you or your opinion. However, I (and maybe incorrectly) assumed that your use of the phrase "legit racing game" and the mention of playing PCars on PC was a comparison of sorts. In the end, I agree that it does some things wrong. But, I think that it has a really solid basis and as it stands is an above average game.

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