AMD Explains DX12 Multi GPU Benefits

AMD Explains the ins and outs of DX12's Explicit Multi GPU Abilities. SLI and Crossfire is going to get much more viable moving forward.

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Volkama1237d ago

Hard to fathom just how much this will improve my current hardware, if devs actually do embrace and support multi-GPU configurations. Excite.

Pixelart1236d ago

I can't wait either. I have 980 SLI and hex core that should benefit greatly.

never4get1236d ago

Deus Ex Mankind Divided DirectX 12 ready?!

Digital Foundry face-off going to be interesting.

joeorc1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

It really was needed for so long, that is for sure, I mean SLI and Crossfire was for the lack of a better term, the performance was just sitting there. I mean you purchase all this snazzy hardware configure it an many games were still not made to take advantage of it.

Now with Both DirectX 12 and other such Api's it seems the PC industry as a whole is now getting to get here and to really fix this issue for the betterment of not only Hardware performance for software be that games or applied applications, but also Consumers.

Now having their Hardware that they purchase really have a chance to shine through even older SLI and Crossfire setups.

Its about Time, I say, well better late than never..LMAO it seems

Tzuno1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

fk multi gpu, we want improvements in single gpu too since is what people are using the most

Stapleface1236d ago

I'm sure there will be benefits for single gpu's as well. This is just highlighting the benefits for multi gpu setups. I usually want just one card but with these improvements I'll likely go with 2 cards the next time I upgrade. I think many people don't use SLI or Crossfire because of the lack of support or proper utilization.

Nero21421236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Could this be.. the holy grail of multi gpu ? SPLIT SCREEN RENDERING ... if they could pull this off ... then 2x gpu means 2x performace ?

Anonagrog1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

'Split Frame Rendering' (SFR) is not new by any means, and nor is the concept of hybrid/heterogenous rendering. You'll be able to find mention of it dating back years.

In any case, by "2x gpu means 2x performance" I assume you're referring to the article's "2-3 times faster than typical SLI or Crossfire AFR setups" sentence? I think they worded that somewhat poorly and is much clearer in AMD's slide:

"Frames no longer need to be queued; time between frame completion and user viewing reduced by 2-3x".

It's referring to the time between when a frame is submitted, rendered, and finally displayed to the user. The longer this process takes, the higher the latency.

The benefits of common AFR come from what is essentially pipe-lining the rendering process to improve frame throughput. There is a cost here, and it comes from having to queue up more and more frames as we increase the gpu count, thus increasing latency and the likelihood of introducing micro-stuttering issues due to frame-pacing inconsistencies. Now, with SFR used instead there will be no need to queue up as many frames in advance, so the overall latency could very well be reduced by "2-3x" whilst still achieving a substantial boost to fps.

In reality, SFR has overheads that will likely prevent it achieving the same fps as AFR, though that's the cost of improving latency and user experience (critical for the future of VR with multi-gpu, and just nicer in general anyway).

Anonagrog1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Edit: Having re-read my "gpu count" paragraph I literally have no idea what I was trying to say there :P

*** There is a cost here, and it comes from having to queue up frames after each other whilst rendering is on-going on other system gpus, thus increasing the likelihood of latency introducing micro-stuttering issues due to frame-pacing inconsistencies, and still not lowering the time it takes a gpu to render a single frame. Now, with SFR used instead we can queue fewer frames in general, and take less time to render a single frame too, so the overall latency could very well be reduced by "2-3x" whilst still achieving a substantial boost to fps.

dragonaught0071236d ago

Im curious why there talking about this as if everyone running sli or crossfire... hmm could it be?? It cant sony and Microsoft announcing the graphics card adapter???? Im just saying might not know they can be making special graphics card for ms and sony to boost the graphics and frame rates

joeorc1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )


It is mainly because, most smatphones, tablets an PC, hell even smarTv box and smart Tv's themselves all are running multi core CPU as well as Multi Core GPU's.

The more recent SOC's has been built or designed in a multi core design from the get go.

Think about a phone that we had in the late 90's til now pocket PC's were designed with single strongarm Intel 400 MHz to if you are lucky to have the kind of 600 MHz clocked Dell Axim in 2005 on. Now pretty much all your tablets , smartphones are running not just single core chipsets with over 1GHz CPU, but now multiple cores each running up to 2.9 GHz for really high end phones an tablets, than add in the SOC's GPU with its multiple Cores with a clock speed of over now past even 800 MHz. Top it off go look up Odroid for its single board micro boarded Micro PC fits pretty much in a space like a deck of playing cards that has Two full Quad Core CPU's right on the same SOC and still a 8 Core GPU to boot!

There is going to be a Api needing to be built for such platforms, these new Api's like DirectX12, Vulkan etc works to build such functionality built right into the Api.

Its not just PC any more, pretty much every general compute device is now not only multi core CPU but also now has Multi Core GPU's to Boot.

Are they as powerful as the newer PC's, no..but that is not the main point.

The main point is building a Api would be needed for multi core CPU/GPU anyway be that for an x86, Arm holdings, PowerPC, spark..etc

We have shifted from single core to multi core for general compute now due to how much devices are now designed as multi core from the get Go. PC benefits any way no matter what any way because its a core compute platform for pretty much all things compute in the market.

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