Focus Home Interactive's Full E3 Lineup, DontNod's Vampyr RPG, All Set

A total of 9 games, one of which will show world premiere footage, will be included in Focus Home Interactive's full list of E3 lineup

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Takwin1237d ago

After thoroughly enjoying Life Is Strange (more than any Tell Tale game except Wolf Among Us), my interest is certainly piqued by anything else they do.

Aery1237d ago

It's an awesome lineup, better than a lot of people may thought.

Can't wait to play all those games ! (except Farming simulator, sorry).

IamTylerDurden11237d ago

The Wolf Among Us is far better than TWD imo and one of the best games i have played.

Played the Life is Strange demo but not any of the full episodes, i respect DontNod for the ideas that went into Remeber Me. Remember Me wasn't perfect but i enjoyed it's beauty, creativity, and innovative elements. Nillin and Neo Paris were both very well done.

IamTylerDurden11237d ago

Home focus is stepping up to the big time. I liked Bound By Flame on PS4 a lot even with bad writing/va the combat was outstanding and the crafting was fun, visually it was better than expected. Loved the unique music that played during the menu and character choosing screens.

Looking forward to in order:

1 Vampyr PS4

2 Space Hulk Deathwing PS4

3 Technomancer PS4