Mixed reception for FIFA 16's female national teams

MWEB GameZone writes: " Is EA's inclusion of FIFA female teams a step on the right path toward a more open, more inclusive and more diverse gaming environment, or is it as some think catering for an audience that "doesn't play games"?

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CongoKyle1243d ago

FIFA is played by Football lovers. They play the game because it gives them the feeling of interacting with their favourite teams and players on a whole new level. I honestly don't think female players are necessary, not because I'm sexist, but because their football leagues do not draw in nearly as many fans as the BPL, UEFA, La Liga, etc. Their inclusion, at least I feel, is to just keep everyone happy.

HanCilliers1243d ago

Keep who happy? For a change all the female gamers in the world? It's not like people won't be able to play with male teams.

plut0nash1243d ago

Elaborate further on this?

Sillicur1243d ago

Great addition dont see why anyone would complain!

schmoe1243d ago

i would complain! Not because of the changes or anything, just cos its soccer ;-)

ShaunF581240d ago

Give the game a chance, it shows EA are open to diversity in sports games.