Destiny, Xur's location and inventory for 05-29, 05-31

Take a look at what's in store this week at Xur's place.

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Septic1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


One day someone will post that and I will cry tears of joy. At least the warlock gloves look cool

scientificreasoning1290d ago

Yeah should never be able to easily buy the best weapons in the game, the casuals cry and ruin everything. Thats what makes gally special, selling it would ruin it and everyone would have it....Why play if you can just buy the best gear.

Septic1290d ago

True but at least have some sort of way to acquire it without being at the mercy of RNGesus for weeks on end and to no avail.

Its not exactly based on skill, mostly luck and the way this game deals with rng is silly.

kayoss1290d ago

I don't have a gjally, but I've managed to play the game without it. It a bit more challenging but you find ways to beat a boss that everyone tend to use gjally on.

SirBradders1290d ago

That's a contradicting statement considering I could burn the shit out of skolas last week with it. The casuals I think deserve a chance at it to ease it up for them because let's face it skolas ain't a walk in the park.

ABizzel11289d ago

I've had 4 of them. RNG has been good to me in most cases.

One thing they should fix is not letting Engrams turn into items for other classes, especially when it's a class you don't have, or at least increase the chances of getting gear for your current character.

Bought Helm engrams last week got 3 of the new Titan Helms back to back, this week I bought the Warlock gloves, and bought the engram and got another one (not complaining about that, but come on).

brokenbracket1284d ago

My only two gripes with not being able to get gjally is that I've been playing the game for almost a year and it still hasn't dropped for me. And the fact that when you're looking for a group to join to do VoG, Crota, or specific PoE runs, sometimes they will kick you just because you don't have gjally. Everyone wants to take the easy way out, leaving us non-gjally guardians out to dry. Luckily I've got two friends who both have gjally now that don't mind me tagging along in PoE, but they're not always on when I am. So the fact that only a small portion of the Destiny community has a gjally leaves something to be desired. While I understand that it is part of the game, it has gotten a bit ridiculous at this point. I run Crota three times a week, nightfall three times a week, and I open the big chest at the end of PoE on all three of my characters on 28, 32, 34, and soon 35, yet still no gjally. It's quite disappointing.

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Christopher1290d ago

Wasn't that on Xur almost 2 months ago?

I bought a few arm engrams hoping to get the new Hunter one. Got 3 titan and the new warlock one. What a waste :(

Other than warlock arms, pretty boring Xur. I guess a hunter and titan DLC2 item will feature on Xur in the next two weeks.

DaPrintz1290d ago

Ghorn was sold 2nd week the game was out. I too will be going for the hunter gauntlets. Khepri's Sting allows u to use gunslinger while invisible. Can't wait to use them in the Trials

Peace_Love_and_FPS1290d ago

New warlock exotic, yes! Too bad it's not the ram

TwoForce1290d ago

But it's a good one. Of course, I never use it because Titan is my main class. I'm using exotic armor. It's a feedback( don't know the full name yet).

Nineball21121290d ago

I actually got those warlock gauntlets to drop for me one night this week! LOL

So, there isn't much for me this week. I did pick up some heavy ammo synth and picked up a couple of exotic shards so I can level up some weapons once they're ready. Pretty boring week for Xur.

CertifiedGamer1290d ago

Every week they need to post Xurs new location on this site, seriously

Halo2ODST21288d ago

Yes, it takes ages to find xur sometomes.