Why PS4's Project Morpheus Will Fail

Play: "Why Project Morpheus is destined to be yet another failed videogame gimmick."

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BG115791238d ago

So the main argument for this title is he gets sick when using oculus rift...
Let's close every amusement park then, people get sick on the roller coasters!!!

bunt-custardly1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Nope he cites some valid reasons to be concerned.

1. cost - too expensive - between £200 and £300
2. Lack of post release support - uses Kinect as an example.
3. Motion sickness
4. Lack of software
5. Poor graphics due to requirements to get solid frame rate in VR.

and a general observation that this will be yet another gimmick for gaming.

Let's hope he's wrong and Sony can work some magic on all those points.

Septic1238d ago

If its £200 and works well PLUS gets PROPER support then I don't mind shelling out that money. (I assume other peripherals need to be bought too like the camera and MOVE).

Sony have to do this right but there is a load of potential here.

bouzebbal1238d ago

if cheap enough and well supported OVER THE YEARS then it will succeed, a bit like everything else.
It's a complete new platform so i'm looking forward to what they will do with it.
Even if i had lots of fun with move controller in the first year, i regret they didn't push it and support it more. Because of this i am gonna buy morpheus before a year or 2.

nirwanda1238d ago

Sony are using a fancy frame doubler to increase the frame rate with no extra cost to the game whether this work remains to be seen.
Don't think £200 would be too expensive for a fresh gameplay experience, loads of ps4's have already been sold so for a current owner its not too much.

I think the delay is more to do with getting a big game out for it as the hardware seem practically finished and could also pinch all the games coming to the rift, I wouldn't be surprised if the new David cage game turned into a Morpheus game.

bunt-custardly1238d ago

People disagreeing with "Let's hope he's wrong..."

Shame on you, have some faith will ya.

Cindy-rella1238d ago

I miss these articles where its pure doom for a product that has yet to be released. Sarcasm

Next itll be " is the playstation morpheus doomed to fail? "

Utalkin2me1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )


Obviously you're uninformed on Morpheus.

1. That price is not bad for what you get.
2. Will have a nice lineup for it, along with alot of game getting updates to work with it.
3. Obviously it was not designed for you.
4. See #2
5. Sony will be using a frame doubler.

Your lack of knowledge of Morpheus. Really makes it seem you're really trolling.

breakpad1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

i agree generally the VR projects will be a fail ...except they go full degenerate and their library consists only from Porn games (aka Occulus)

bunt-custardly1238d ago

@Utalkin2me I was actually pointing out what the author of the article was saying if you bothered reading the first post.

SniperControl1238d ago

I have been using the Rift since August last year, at first i would turn green to the stomach, nearly a year on i feel nothing, your body will eventually get use to it.

VR has a massive future be it on PC or PS4, i see people on here slagging it of on a daily basis, yet some of those people have never even tried it.

Driving a car around the Nurburging in Project CARS or flying a space ship in Elite, being hunted my a xenomorph in Alien: Isolation is a massive game changer to me.

freshslicepizza1238d ago

1. what peripheral has been a success in the past?

2. how much support going by history has sony given to it's peripherals?

it will not become a mainstream product for a few reasons and it has to become a mainstream product if we expect decent software support for it.

1. it's a peripheral.

2. if it cost more than $100 it's going to be a hard sell to most ps4 owners

3. who is going to invest in decent games for morpheus other than smaller titles that don't have the investment to take risk for such a small audience who will buy morpheus?

4. some people get motion sickness, which could greatly impact consumers more so than 3d did.

5. it's a solo experience which may put off those who like to play games with other people.

Army_of_Darkness1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Sony needs to have a few very good games with it at launch that screams out "Omg! I have to play and experience that Morpheus game!! At all cost!!" otherwise, it's gonna struggle.
A horror game, action game and adventure game that can only be truly enjoyed on it.

Btw, does anybody know if ps3 move controllers are gonna be compatible with it? Cause I still have them.

johndoe112111238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

"@Utalkin2me I was actually pointing out what the author of the article was saying if you bothered reading the first post."

His response was rightfully directed at you because you were the one who said this:"Nope he cites some valid reasons to be concerned".

This article is making all sorts of unnecessary assumptions for the sole purpose of clicks. Lack of post release support, lack of software, poor graphics due to requirements to get solid frame rate in VR, all these things have already been addressed and A LOT of devs are excited and have committed to supporting VR.

The author got motion sickness but there are numerous reports from many people who tried it and loved it and felt nothing of the sort. Is he the only person in the world that matters? Let's say 1 in 20 people get motion sickness, how would that make it a failure?

These reasons are in no way valid until the release of the device and we see how it works in the public's hand. At this point all this author has are wild assumptions and theories. Clickbait, plain and simple.

Yes the move controllers are compatible but not completely necessary. I've seen videos with people using morpheus without the move but i also remember them saying that there are games that will be better if played with the move controller also. My advice would be to keep your move controllers.

Utalkin2me1238d ago


"Nope he cites some valid reasons to be concerned."

You was agreeing with the article. That was the reason for my reply....smh

mixelon1238d ago

" Lack of post release support - uses Kinect as an example. "

- is the only one I'd be worried about. Move, Kinect, Vita, even at their best the companies seem to just get bored of them and invest where the majority of their players are instead.

If it gets decent support it'll be great but otherwise it'll be a bit pointless compared to the Rift (for people with decent PCs at least)

OB1Biker1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Its not even out yet at least wait for E3 for proper announcement about price and bundles etc.
lack of software / lack of post release support ???
there are already games announced to support Morpheus like Project cars or ARK that s a bit stretching to talk about post release support about a year before it even released
' Poor graphics due to requirements to get solid frame rate in VR. ' is BS people need use google at least before writing stuff like that

bunt-custardly1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

@ Utalkin2me

Yeh valid reasons but not necessarily something I agree with. Thanks for putting words into my mouth.

FYI - People can present valid reasons to others without them having to agree with them. Let's give an example.

Person A)

"I think Sony will sell Morpheus at a low price $150 to entice more people to buy it, then make the money back from the software".

A valid opinion and feasible.

Person B)

"I think Sony will sell Morpheus at a high price because there will be limited numbers of people wanting to buy it right away and it's a risk for them seeing as VR is new territory".

Person A can see where person B is coming from but doesn't agree and vice versa.

And if you weren't being such as smart ass then if you read "Let's hope he is wrong and Sony can work some magic" would suggest that's my viewpoint which you decided to ignore.

fei-hung1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

I don't think they are valid reasons:

"1. cost - too expensive - between £200 and £300"
1a. too expansive compared to what? the Apple watch? the console? the Oculus Rift? to tomatoes? in-comparison to the tech on offer?
"2. Lack of post release support - uses Kinect as an example."
2a. No one knows what support it will get as of yet, especially support outside of gaming.
"3. Motion sickness"
3a. Not everyone gets motion sickness.
"4. Lack of software"
4a. we dont know this.
"5. Poor graphics due to requirements to get solid
frame rate in VR."
5a. we don't know this yet either as it will based on game per game basis.

"and a general observation that this will be yet another gimmick for gaming."

and the general observation that everything is a gimmick until it becomes mainstream.

Also, the article is clickbait as the reasons given for the Morpheus to fail are also reasons why the others should fail, so singling one out over the others is silly.

uth111238d ago

I think if Morpheus fails, the likely reason will be because VR failed. Not his reasons. Sony has addressed many of them.

And cost- Morpheus looks like it will be significantly cheaper than competitors . And it still delivers a solid experience according to previewers.

Most likely it will be the most popular VR solution for this reason. Whether its enough to make VR take off remains to be seen

WickedLester1238d ago

And yet...

1.) We don't know the cost yet.

2.) We don't know how support will be.

3.) Sony has already explained how PM will deal with motion sickness.

4.) We don't know what kind of support it will have.

5.) Everyone who's reported experiencing PM came away impressed.

That's a HELL of a lot of assumptions you're making while stating them as fact. Why don't we wait until the product actually comes out and we know all the FACTS before we start writing doom and gloom articles. Nobody has a crystal ball. Virtually all the media was sure the X1 was going to kick the PS4's ass in sales too but look how that turned out.

MysticStrummer1238d ago

"People disagreeing with 'Let's hope he's wrong…' "

You really think that's the part of your comment people are disagreeing with? O.o

Brotard1238d ago

You are right those are good points considering the device is already out, and a price has been announced for it!

Link2DaFutcha1238d ago

On a similar note these moving picture things aren't gonna last.

inveni01238d ago

At sub-$300, I'd be happy if all it did was play 3D movies and a few novelty games. Sony also has studios set on developing Morpheus games. So there will at least be some decent initial support. And if it will work as a wearable display for regular PS4 titles, then it will have more use than just for VR.

ThanatosDMC1238d ago


You actually complained about fetting disagrees? Watch most of your comments get disagrees for a while just for that on comment.

OT: The article speaks for everyone apparently and assumes that people will just have bought their PS4s the night before Morpheus would launch. Click bait.

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lelo2play1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

VR is another gimmick like 3D or Kinect. Don't think it will succeed ... but what the hell do I know.

MoonConquistador1238d ago

Not a lot.

Was that a rhetorical question?

TheCommentator1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

You guys defending Morpheus are worse than "secret sauce" XB1 defenders. The likelyhood it will fail, just on the basis that it is an add-on, is high. Tell me how many successful add-ons there have ever been. I'll tell you SOME of the failures:
Power Pad
Power Glove
Sega CD/32x
Play Station
Ram Expansion Pak
Eye Toy
Move Camera
Kinect 2.0

Would someone like to list the successes?

ThanatosDMC1238d ago

Yet you fail to list the Wii and Amiibos.

TheCommentator1236d ago

That's what I thought. Good luck, Morpheus.

1238d ago
MrDead1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

The perfect N4G article, tells you nothing, shows you nothing. I bet the title existed way before the contents, the article writer hasn't even used Morpheus and his concerns have addressed by Sony and written about buy competent journalists.

But it’s a junk article with a trash headline, the N4G approvers will approve this in seconds. For anyone wanting N4G approval all you need is bait headline, select opinion piece and they will allow anything no matter how ill informed and empty the contents is... but don’t forget to make sure your tags are correct.

Edit: I didn’t even get to finish my rant before it was approved. I love the fact that endless good informative articles are ignored by approvers and stay in pending for hours but yet this article has been fast tracked even though the contents tell you nothing.

SniperControl1238d ago

Totally agree with you, it's a clickbait article.

Also agree with you strongly on the last part as well.

OB1Biker1238d ago

Another to get easily approved is a title like 'Why PS4 Xbox one' putting a few more words in a shaker

Der_Kommandant1238d ago

MrDead, have a bubble good sir.

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supraking9511238d ago

Sony will support Morpheus with software just like they did with PS Move and 3D. The most important thing is they will give us gamers a CHOICE. PS Move and/or 3D was supported with big titles such as LittleBigPlanet, Heavy Rain, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and a few other SOny franchises. That's the difference with Sony and MS. MS never released Kinect options for their top franchises (Halo, Gears, etc) like Sony did.
Morpheus will be optional and will be featured in SOny software

KwietStorm1238d ago

You're really not asking for much if you use Move and 3D as examples. Those were barely even a second thought in all the games you mentioned. That's not going to work with any of these VR headsets. They're much more expensive and demanding. People are going to need real, tangible reasons to go for it.