Nvidia Planning to Spoil AMD’s Fiji Launch by releasing 980Ti at Computex

Rumors are circulating that Nvidia is planning to spoil AMD’s Fiji launch party by one-upping them by releasing the GM200 into a lower price bracket earlier than anticipated.

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RedDeadLB1237d ago

Kind of like what they did with the 290X.

Maybe AMD takes it a step further and spoils the 980Ti launch with a SuperFiji. But nah, a step too far.

ARESWARLORD1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

unfortunately for us in a year Nvidia will probably gimp the 980ti just like they've done with my GTX 780ti. AMD never gimps their cards. In fact the HD 7970 it's almost as fast as the GTX 780 in The Witcher 3. I left AMD to go to Nvidia because of their better drivers. I definitely regret my choice as Nvidia have been a very unethical company lately

Maul_T_Pass1237d ago

Do you prefer an unethical company or unoptimized game drivers? Also, business ethics is an oxymoron...