Finally EA include Female Players in FIFA

Katie Joell from The Gamerscore Whores writes "With all the embarrassment from FIFA this week, some good news has come out of the footballing world through EA announcing female players in FIFA 16"

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UKmilitia1240d ago

what really annoys me about women gamers is double standards.

i want equality in the world can i just start with that statement but..

women in gaming world complain,yet they create websites called GamerScoreWHORES.

SourtreeDing1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

not just in gaming but everything.

and they are already favored everywhere.. lol

the thing is tho.. journalist back it up as well and i hate that bc if one site doesnt support it they get less hits and get shit talked on its retarded..

a fifa womans game would not sell they know that, so they are shutting woman up by putting them in the game

pasta_spice1240d ago

How is that a double standard though? Both male and female gamers often use the term 'whore' when referring to game scores. You've never heard a gamer call themself a 'trophy/achievement whore' before? The slang even has an entry in Urban Dictionary.

UKmilitia1240d ago

thats what most of the population assume as a whore and its a word i wouldnt use.

GamerscoreWhores1236d ago

LOL i know right? Some people are just stupid, they comment without thoroughly researching that 75% of the website is ran by male staff anyway

GamerscoreWhores1236d ago

But you didn't do thorough research when you also find that 75% of the website staff are male?

SegaGamer1240d ago

I find it funny that the title says "FINALLY EA include Female Players in FIFA" Finally ??? There has never been a reason to have them in the past, i still question that now.

How are they going to do the player ratings ? Women players ain't even better than English Conference level. The goalkeepers are the worst of the lot. So the average rating of Women footballers will need to be between 35-40 out of 99 if they want it to be realistic, so what is the point ?

There are more important things in the game that needs to be worked on than adding below average footballers. And that isn't me being a sexist or misogynist, that is just the facts.

Pastorfuzz1240d ago

I am all for it. It doesn't matter how well they play in real life. It would be cool if you could level up your player offline then jump on multi-player and test your skills against other players.
It would also be cool if they made the running animations like the sorceress in Dragons Crown!

Cra2yey31240d ago

How about they finally fix they buggy game after 3 years.