Gamernode E3 2008: Dawn of War II hands-on

Gamernode writes: "The Dawn of War real-time-strategy (RTS) series currently has three expansion packs and is critically acclaimed as one of the greatest entries in the genre to date. Naturally, a sequel, due in 2009, is on the way.

At E3 we were given a private demonstration of the game by one of the lead designers. As expected, the graphics have received a substantial upgrade while still retaining their colorful artistic style. For example, the armor worn by the space marines includes even more damage detailing and the environments accurately reflect what's happening in the area, sometimes greatly to your advantage. Fire effects cause surfaces to appear charred, buildings can be destroyed, and the craters created by the heavy marines landing from their jetpack jumps can be used as a form of cover. That's right, Dawn of War II now features a cover system similar to the developer's, Relic, other title Company of Heroes. From what we saw, the system is already implemented to great effect with allies and enemies alike automatically finding cover points and even fleeing the battle if overwhelmed to either retreat and remain away or to find backup to get revenge on your ass."

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