A Very Belated Beginner’s Guide to The Bitmap Brothers

Vice: As someone whose pre-console gaming years were largely spent in the company of an Amiga 500 – the hunky grey box finally replaced a hand-me-down Spectrum that my uncle had given us – this got me thinking, hard, about my own favourites for the system. In our house, we weren't shy about piracy, which I can't say I'm proud about (though we all did it), but it was an attitude that saw my brothers and I accumulate an impressive library of Amiga software, which soon took over drawers once used to store arts and crafts materials, Transformers toys and socks.

We must have had hundreds of games, ranks of once-blank discs now loaded with excitement, and it feels, today, that I spent thousands of hours in front of Sensible World of Soccer. I probably did. But when I wasn't trying to lure Alessandro Del Piero to see out his career in the South African Premier Soccer League, I was consistently drawn to the output of just one East London studio: The Bitmap Brothers.

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