If Mobile Is the Future of Gaming, Then the Future of Gaming Is Really Sad

Vice: The future of video gaming is mobile. That's not my opinion, but seemingly the verdict of the powers that be at Konami. The legendary Japanese developer recently revealed that its "main platform will be mobiles", by which they mean (smart)phones, rather than software for the 3DS (doing fairly well) and Vita (not so much). There's still the epic Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to come before the studio properly moves away from "traditional" games-making, and likely further console titles in the pipeline (surely we'll see at least one more Pro Evo), but nevertheless: a great many Konami admirers did not take the news well.

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bOObies1240d ago

Very sad indeed...At least those girls in the pic are cute :]

TXIDarkAvenger1240d ago

I really hope it isn't. I can't stand playing games on my phone let alone all the other problems of mobile games.

ameliabaz1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

If mobile gaming is the future of gaming, then I guess I wont be a gamer for much longer. Far too many great series (mostly JRPG series) have already moved to mobile that its starting to become a worry.