PlayStation Vita - Gaming's Polarizing Handheld

Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"Never has there been a handheld that has divided the gaming populous like the Vita has. The owners seem to absolutely adore it, but those who oppose the system adamantly criticize it. Why is Sony's handheld so controversial? Let's breakdown the ins and outs of the PlayStation Vita."

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crazychris41241291d ago

The 3 issues for me that kept me away were the insanely overpriced memory cards, lack of official L2/R2 support and the lack of games for the Western audience after the 1st year. If Sony and 3rd party devs worked together to help fix those issues then I would have drove through the storefront just to get one.

There is a reason why I bought 2 PSPs and thats because I have over 2 dozen games that are mostly exclusive to the system. Motorstorm, Pursuit Force, GTA Stories & Chinatown, Peace Walker, 2 God of War games, Wipeout, Burnout, and much more. Will never forget when I was 11 and had to save up for a year just so I could get my PSP. Had to wait until summer 2005 but it was well worth it. Still have my original 1000, analog stick leans to the left like crazy and is pretty much useless but I have no intentions on throwing it out. Too many great memories. Would be like throwing away you're 1st home run ball.

Shame Vita couldnt match that magic of the PSP. Uncharted, Killzone, Assassins Creed, Wipeout and Modnation Racers arent enough to get me to drop $200 especially since I play multiplats on my PC and dont have nearly as much time anymore to play games on the go.

Vita is a niche device for those that like JRPGs and indiesa and have time to play when they are away from home. Im still not gonna lose hope they could eventually work things out. Would love to get one after I get my PS4.

IamTylerDurden11290d ago

I personally love the VITA and own 3, 1 white OLED from the AC Liberation bundle, 1 black OLED, and 1 black slim from the Borderlands 2 bundle which is really my fiance's now. VITA has a crazy good library of games and hate to break it to this guy but Sony has many AAA's on VITA via ports and exclusives and they released Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, God of War, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Toukidan Kiwami, Helldivers, Borderlands 2, Oreshika, & Wolf Among Us all later in the console's life and all beyond the 1st year it released. These were all AAA ish big console like games.

The VITA has a big time list of big impressive games and not just indies, some of them are being ported to console bc they didn't sell on VITA but it doesn't change the fact they were VITA exclusives, if VITA sold well these games would've never left the system.

List of big VITA games - some were exclusives, ports, ultimate editions.

Uncharted Golden Abyss
Assassin's Creed III Liberation
Littlebigplanet VITA
Dragons Crown, Muramasa Rebirth
MLB The Show, Madden, fifa, Virtua Tennis 4
Gravity Rush
Killzone mercenary
Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper Collection & Thieves in Time, God of War Collection
Freedom Wars
Soul Sacrifice, SS Delta, Toukidan, Toukidan Kiwami
Wipeout, Modnation, NFS Most Wanted
Borderlands 2, Minecraft, MGS Collection, Epic Mickey, The Amazing Spider-Man
Oreshika, Gods Eater 2, Virtues Last Reward
Tell Tale games
Helldivers, Guacamelee, V & V2x, Arkham Origins BG
Mortal Kombat, injustice Ult ed, PS All-Stars, Cap vs Marvel 3, Street Fighter ect.
Unit 13, Resistance Burning Skies, cod
Persona 4 Golden, FF X/X2 ect, many other jrpg's

Other great games like Super Stardust, Sine Mora, Ollie Ollie 1 & 2, SoundShapes, Thomas Was Alone, Flow, Flower, Hohokum, CounterSpy, Rogue Legacy, Luftrausers, Terraria, pixel junk shooters ult, DeadNation, Octodad ect may be smaller, but they're excellent and arguably better on the VITA. Plus psOne & psp games galore areobviously available

G3n3raL861290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Sir, your post needs to be replied to every "Vita is dead, zero games, fack that sh!t!" post:)

oldmess1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

"Plus psOne & psp games galore areobviously available"

Most people overlook this info and to me this is what makes this console truly underrated.

I have met a lot of fellow gamers that turned their opinion on Vita in seconds after discovering they could carry with them all Final Fantasys from I to X, MGS I-III, or other jewels from the Playstation past.

These games are even available at very competitive prices, even more so when you compare them to the sometimes prohibitive Virtual Console prices on Nintendo platforms. Sony fails to advertise this and it is just mind boggling to me why this happens...

jznrpg1290d ago

I love my vita , it is great for RPGs ,Platformers and indies. I have had mine since day 1 and I am about to buy another one since I have used and abused mine so much. The one complaint I have is the memory cards small size and high price, but you can find them occasionally for cheaper online. Sure I wouldnt mind more AAA games, but even without many I play it almost daily

Nonscpo1290d ago

Great article and it deserves more views and clicks than the other writers who are circle jerking each other with the Vita is doomed narrative.

IamTylerDurden11290d ago

VITA makes it more fun to own a PS4, that alone should make ppl not hate it. Why hate it unless ur a ms cheerleader? For what reason bc everyone else does? It's funny to make fun of it? Ppl are so naive even the guy in the video said he was against the VITA until he actually got one. Why this initial stance of being opposed to it? I guess it's easier to not think and use other's opinions as your own.

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