NVIDIA - Upcoming Kepler Fix Will Increase Performance In Other Games As Well

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we informed you about NVIDIA’s intentions to address the somehow fishy performance of The Witcher 3 on its Kepler GPUs. However, it appears that Kepler owners will enjoy a performance boost in even more games."

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I definitely hope it does. I'm not a rich man and I spent a lot of money on my 780ti it needs to last me more than a year it has

Utalkin2me1238d ago

Pc gaming is not for everyone.

Stapleface1238d ago

What is that supposed to mean? Most pc gamers don't upgrade their gpu's yearly and expect a few years from each card. 780ti was top or the line a year ago and was expensive for a card. No one expects their cards to be gimped so the next line looks better.

Utalkin2me1238d ago


My comment is supposed to mean. Either upgrade more often or move to strictly consoles. Pc gaming has always been this way, nothing new here.

IrishSt0ner1238d ago

That makes no sense whatsoever, the 780ti is a 4 Teraflops card, which is almost 3x as powerful as the current consoles. So that card will run any multiplatform game nearly 3x better for the duration of this console cycle without upgrading once.

People only upgrade every few years because they want the best. That's doesn't mean they have to.

FragMnTagM1237d ago

This is a stupid statement. I can run The witcher 3 on high settings with my single 660ti.

Sure I would like to run it at max settings, but this game is gorgeous on high settings.

My 660 still has life in it. I am waiting for the 980ti. I have had it for nearly 3 years. It can play any game I throw at it still.

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Eyesoftheraven1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

You are not alone there, my friend. Same boat with the 780Ti. I'm starting to come up with ways to sell it for $400 or so and sell my Vita to get a more respected card. Hopefully the 980Ti is realeased soon. Titan X is a bit too much, even if I had made $600 from selling some stuff toward it. I've had the 5870, 7970, 780, and now 780Ti and the 780Ti has had the shortest, most akward lifespan yet.

Captain_TomAN941237d ago

Did you upgrade to a 780 from a 7970? How does it feel to know that your newer card ended up losing so much ground to the 7970 that now they trade blows?

Eyesoftheraven1236d ago

Yeah, all my upgrades were more like side grades in one way or another. It was crossfired 5870s to one 7970 to one 780 to the 780Ti. Though I sold my entire AMD x4 955 based rig with the 7970 and went Intel i7-3930k with the 780. I've enjoyed Nvidia more than AMD so it was worth it to me. Because I upgraded my entire rig from the 7970 to 780 it felt substantially faster in my case.

Also, to me, "upgrading" every 12 - 18 months for a $150 - $300 loss while selling the last card seems more beneficial to me than buying the latest flagship card I want outright for $500 - $800.

Besides, at 3440x1440/60 and 1080p/144, every little improvement counts.

DarkZane1238d ago

Nice, get I will better performance with my GTX 770 in some games.

kainslayer1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

overclock your gpus and hairworks aint something special to begin with nor is it gamebreaking without as physx in batman series anywayz i expect 4 fps gain in driver update my 780 oc to 1300mhz 60fps hw off and works still like a charm