How to Create and Reload “Save States” in Bloodborne

BagoGames: For years, hardcore fans tell those who call From Software games “cheap” to simply be “cheap” right back, exploiting any weakness or glitch they can find. Rather than make their games easier, this “cheesing” tactic is actually encouraged by the developers, as evident by Dark Souls’ Drake Sword.

So, if you’re tired of farming when you’d rather be fighting bosses, you want to get all three endings without having to play through NG+, or you just want to create a save point before trying something risky, here’s how to do it.

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Ajoyshop1243d ago

So much for farming lol

AdamKoziol1243d ago

This is actually quite clever!

VVgamer4lifeVV1242d ago

I don't need this cheap save trick. I luv bloodborne the way it is.

Availation1242d ago

This is the ideal way to farm Blood Rocks in Layer 3 of a Depth 5 Chalice Dungeon.

Caffo011242d ago

already did it to see all 3 endings.
Now i'm stuck at the cursed chalice..

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